The one who started it all.

Name: Chris McDougal; Chris McDougall; Istar; Denise (?); Alex (??)

Era: First Moonie War, aka Moon War I (1994-1995); Second Moonie War, aka Moon War II (1996-2000)

Affiliation: All Father


This profile page is going to look just a little bit different, considering we're talking about a major player. Fair warning.

As the battles of the first war with the Moonies was fought on usenet groups and in chatrooms, so were the battles of the second conflict fought on the more graphic-intensive world wide web. While the names of Kyle Drake, Toad Kinopio, and Lion Jeter retain their power among those Moonies who remember the early days of the commercial internet (just drop one of these names in the presence of some old-timer Moonies if you don't believe me), the name of possibly the single most important man in ASM history has been forgotten: Chris McDougal. Who was Chris McDougal, and why is he so important? Well, Chris McDougal can be credited with being the first person to create a relatively high-profile Anti-Sailor Moon website. Chris also helped set the tone for what would be the ASM side of the Second Moon War, attacking Sailor Moon and the Moonies viscerally and profanely. Plainly speaking, without Chris, there would be no ISM, NSE, SMIRC--no ASM as a (somewhat cohesive) movement during the latter half of the 1990s. His was the "shot heard 'round the world," and it's no exaggeration to claim that any ASM website inspired by any of the aforementioned ASM groups carries the DNA of Chris McDougal's site to some extent.


So, let's talk about his site for a moment. From what we can gather, Chris had two sites: My Anti-Sailor Moon Page located at and Die Sailor Moon Die located at . While nothing remains of Chris's ASM output, we have a few short descriptions of his website that paint a vague picture of what one might have been able to expect.

From SBP/Illumina and Marc of Chan's site:

"This is the page that started it all. And Mr. McDougall doesn't take the vulgarity lightly. He tells it just the way it is with no remorse. Once again, if you are an innocent child who doesn't know any swear words, or an educator, don't follow this link."

So incendiary was Chris's site that people like Brockway and Janus celebrated its demise. From Brockway's hate list:

My Anti-Sailor Moon Page is gone! Finally Istar came to their senses! You don't know how glad I am that this monstrosity is gone!

And, from Janus's review page:

Polaris was a lot like Chris McDougal. His page was just put up for fan bashing. He said that all Sailor Moon fans were gay and that they raped house pets. Because of his incredibly prejudice nature his site was deleted except for the index page.

As you've probably noticed, Brockway refers to Chris as "Istar." To confuse the issue further, the website domain is connected to someone called "Denise." While we can reasonably conclude that Istar is Chris, who is Denise? Is Denise someone Chris knew, someone whose domain he used for his ASM site? Possibly. More likely, based on Occam's Razor and the fact that Denise's personal pages are

It's a shame that nothing remains of her ASM endeavors, as she comes across as having an incredible amount of attitude. I would have loved to see how Moonies reacted to her. Alas...all that we can offer the historical record is a reconstruction of her personal website.


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