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Warning: there is "bad" Language on this page, if you don't like "bad" Language then please leave.

Hello and welcome to my page, on my page you will find lot's of stuff that I like, and lot's of my opinions and stuff like that. Now I guess it's time to warn you that this page may have some "bad" language on it, and some people may be offended by some of my views. I'd like to say now, that I don't really give a shit but maybe you're easily offended, or maybe you're a big wuss, or a cry baby or a whiny parent or a christian or whatever I don't care just leave right now and go search of something else because I don't want people like you to visit my page. Got it. If you are not listed above then come on in.

Yeah well anyways, getting back to business.

Now as you will see, I have the greatest musical taste in the world. No one has a greater taste in music than I do:

I like a varity of music like industrial, Punk, Rock, Alternative, and hip hop.

Here are the best bands ever, which happen to be my favorite bands, but that's expected because, you know, no one has better musical taste than me.

Nine Inch Nails

Tool, The Red hot chili Peppers, Sublime, The Smashing Pumpkins, KMFDM, Stabbing Westward, Our Lady Peace, I mother earth, The Offspring, Machines of Loving Grace, Rage Against the Machine, The Bloodhound Gang, Cyprus Hill, Hole, Prick, Pop Will Eat itself, Ministry and the tragically hip

Now that were though with the good bands. Here are some of the mediocre bands which I can tolerate: Silverchair, Stone temple Pilots, Bush, Moist, Pigface, and Prodigy. There are a few more but that's pretty much it.

Now, I'd like to say that every other band sucks pretty much, but there are a few bands that suck so much that I have to go out of my way to mention how much they suck, and I'm not talking about The Backstreet boys or hansen because their suckyness is pretty self explanitory. I'm talking about absolute dog shit bands who many of you probabily think you like, and you'll probabily think that I'm a total ass fuck for saying this:

Sucky Band list:

KORN: This has to be the # 1 sucky band on my sucky band list. They are a bunch of fucking guitar banging, screamers with no melody who can't sing. And I'm not just saying this, I've actually tried to like Korn but I can't, that shit makes my head hurt. And don't write to me saying "oh, have you ever actually listened to Korn" or any shit like that because I'm telling you right now I had "life is peachy" in my posssession for about a week before giving it away to who ever wanted it (and by the way, I offered it to 5 people before it was taken, that's how much it sucks).

WHITE ZOMBIE: I hate these guy's out on general prinicple just because they are fucking Ministry Rip off's.

GLENN DANZIG: Well, I'm talking about his new industrial stuff. It is just kind of unbe-fucking-lievalbely unoriginal. This slimy fuck wad obviously thinks that he can pass off being an industrial artist with non of his own idea's. Just one example the song Sacrifice: it's the kind of cheezy disco-like music which is a huge rip off of NIN. And the chorus just stick "I wanna fuck you like an animal" in there and you've got a bad closer immitation.

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS: Trent sums it up real well: "'Block Rockin' Beats' has the stiffest groove I've ever heard in my life! It screams to me, 'We're English, we're white and we're playing a funk song!'." And anyways, what's with that video which is just some shitty techno over a gymnastics meet or something?

OASIS: There has to be a million reasons that I hate these prick's. It's just that they play really shitty music, and they don't even know it. In fact, they think their good, genius's christ sake. How wrong is that? Their Guitarist is so dirty. Just look at him, he looks like a fucking bum, and fucking struts around saying "oh, we're cool cuz we're British."

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