ok first you have to download CAT NIP which I have hosted on my site for you!

catnip16. This will download for you a good thing called CATNIP and you just have to run it and it will start a program that converts CUECAT things into UPC things!


Scanned Without Catnip: .C3nZC3nZC3nWCNf6DNfZCxnX.fHmc.DhP3C3DWD3T6CNf6.
Scanned With Catnip: 794043489129

But what does this small number mean to you? Well, lots. Actually, just head on over to ReaderWare.Com and download the software for what you need. Once you download that, install it.

You can run ReaderWare for books, you can run ReaderWare AW for audio, you can run ReaderWare VW for video. What you have to do next is simple:

Say you have ReaderWare Video open, click on the SIXTH button on the top row of buttons. It is called "Auto-Catalog Wizard." Click the blue arrows, and add all the sites (it takes a bit longer, but you get the best results). For me you had to click the top one, then press and release shift, then click on the bottom one (not shift-click) but for you it might be different.

On the next window, click in the input box (it is next to Reload and Browse). Scan in the UPC, 12 numbers should now be in the box. Push enter, then they are in.

Push Next Twice

You will be taken to a summary of things found page - usually they find an image! Push NEXT. Click Finish.

TA DA! You may have to do some touching up, but nothing that would take more than a minute or two.