sells books!  HOORAY, and it looks like MR. DeCARLO!!!!  it looks to FRASH GOES THE BEANSTALK

herro!!!!!  welcome to the frash section of this web page, i must clarify that these are all STOLEN!!!!!!  well, i don't know if they are stolen, but they are really great cartoons that somebody other than myself made, and probably someone other than myself discovered.  well, so much for this shit, on to the FRASH!!!!!

Since most people go to this page of my site more than others, I will add to this a bit more often.  The newest ones are of my favorite variety: pika styled cartoons!

meowth - i am not sure why this is named after a pokemon.  don't ask me.  I JUST WATCH THEM. 

rocket - I don't know what this is, my stereo damaged itself somehow so I can't properly explain this.  I found it before thanksgiving, and have forgotten about it.

mario? - who remembers the television show on abc or whatever that had some old dood who doesn't even deserve to be a plumber (but he plays one on TV!)

taliban! - it is osama who is answering phone!!!  taliban!!!!  wrong number!

LITTLE RED MONKEE - it is a song, it is about a monkey that is little and kind of red.  who would have thought!!!!!

ant city - it is kind of like burning people!!!!! 

poop - that is all I can legally call this game, I suppose i could call it R0M Z0M!!!!!!!!!!!!

RED ROBOT GAME - it is a game, you are a red robot!!!  FROM DIESEL SWEETIES, it was created by another person though.

LESKO - it is a cartoon about MATTHEW LESKO or whoever he is, he is this guy who has weird suits, and sells books!  HOORAY, and it looks like MR. DeCARLO!!!!  it looks to be made by the PIKA PEOPLE

LUCKY - it is a cartoon made by the PIKA PEOPLE, i think, at least that is what is being reported . . .

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  - it is a music video, gonads and strife, gonads and strife, gonads and strife, gonads and strife

PIKA - the original (i cannot prove that) cartoon made by the PIKA PEOPLE, it started the whole craze I think, it was played in Mr. Decarlo's class whenever he was not suspecting!!  HE LOVED IT!!!  even though he tried to contain his lust for the airplane

LOBSTER MAGNET - it is another music video, i don't like it as much as WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! but it is still good.

fight and fight and fight - THE NEW FIGHT IS HERE!!!!!!!  it is a first person shooter.

HATTEN!!!! - we should watch this when we feel mad at arabian people, they are all not that bad, listen to the song and watch, it is enjoyable!

CHIP AND DALE'S MMORPG - it is a game called "chip and dale's mmorpg" however it's not really a game, just a cartoon about a parody of a game that probably doesn't exist (the original does for nintendo, i know)

ALL YOUR BASE - base, base, all your base, are belong to us - this stole the show of my senior year in high school, i stopped caring about everything except CATS and his mission to capture all of my base.