Hippofest: A Screen Capture Reconstruction


The code for Hippofest.com is still able to be retrieved from various sources, so given this fact, you might be wondering why I chose to present this site to you using images rather than interactive links. It's a good question, and it requires a good answer. Thankfully, I have three:

  • 1. Website reconstruction is at times a painstaking process. It requires concentration, discipline, patience, and dedication. Presentation is everything. Sometimes, the process of rebuilding is easy; most of the images and links are available, and connections between pages are straightforward. Other times, the reconstruction process is arduous...there just isn't much left with which to work. Hippofest.com is a site that falls somewhere in the middle. Much of the content is still available, but it is scattered over different (and varied) versions of the site. Not one single version of the site is complete. In addition, the site itself is extremely intricate and complex. The images that remain are not consistent present on all pages. The links that appear in one iteration are either gone, moved, or changed in another. So, any attempt to connect all of the pieces together would not create an accurate picture of any of the iterations of Hippofest.com.
  • 2. As stated elsewhere, Happy Fun Land has a place in Anti-Sailor Moon history--but one cannot ignore that it is a rather small place. Moreover, as has been said elsewhere, none of Happy Fun Land's websites involved any tangible Anti-Sailor Moon content. While I'm happy to make sure that every tangental ASMer is represented here to the best of my ability, creating a fully-linked reconstruction of a website that is twice removed from the purpose and time period that Ring of Power seeks to cover is just not something I'm going to do--at least, not at this point in time. That might change once the more relevant sites are archived here. In fact, just writing this, I can see perhaps a separate section or offshoot that deals with non-ASM materials of some sort, like a late 1990s internet museum that's broader in scope or something. But for now, no.
  • 3. Nothing that remains of the website is lost by presenting it in this fashion, save interactivity (because you can't click on the links directly).
  • As said, a future update might feature a fully interactive reconstruction of this site (at the very least, update the flash archive section to be interactive), but for now, this will have to do. Every page is properly represented, nothing that can be recovered has been left out or removed. So, please enjoy the site as you will, in as complete a way as I can and will grant at this time.

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