there is a new site on the cat killing network: KILLCAT.COM actually they don't kill cats, they just destroy cats! CUECATS! See my cuecat section BELOW for more information on how cuecats can be put to work for you.

I just found a site-ill-iscious site called CATS AS TROPHIES (it kind of sounds like catastrophies so it is a play on words I guess) anyway this site looks to be interesting, here is a link for you: cats as trophies. enjoy.

i have expanded kickacat main page - there is now a posting board.


well i guess i should start to date these, but this stuff is new but i fear it would become too much like drew. so i will just leave it like this. at least my stuff is real. anyway today at work i got to break over $500 in stuff, i used a CROWBAR and I named the crowbar happy friend.

i was wondering today, what would happen if I were to drop a live cat from the top of the millennium force roller coaster would it land on its feet? sure they say that cats always land on their feet, but give me a break thats 310 feet. i dont think anybodys ever tested that. or tasted. would it make an indentation in the ground? i dont think there would be an indentation however i think it would be a good experiment for a certain high school physics class. would the cat meow on the way down? if it did i think it would have to be multiple meows...

dood work sucks, theres just so many things about work that sucks i dont want to list them. the main thing is its only a place for me to make money, i don't care if i get fired or anything because there are hundreds of other stupid jobs like it, so i just say fuck it do what ya want...

but it does award me things like aerosmith tickets (pictured below!!! if you read this all, they are loaded) and cds and dvds and other things to waste my money on. oh well. I am done for to-day.

ok bastards are bugging me for these links so enjoy dood. i did not make these. i found them and stole them, so if the appropriate copywriters would like them back they can come take them.

all your base
chip and dale
fight two
the hat song, this time in indian
lobster + magnet

this image is copyRIGHT me and not you, do not steal it is my vision on tv

anyway i'm back again, i'm really bored, i am wondering why people don't want to do stuff. i mean i get pretty pissed, everybody does things with everybody else but i'm just this dood they talk to online... it pisses me off and one day i'm gonna stop this, but i guess its fine... if anyone wants to go fishing or something with me let me know... or cedar point... or whatever...

anyway i am back, this is probably new. there is a new thing here:


i was asked to make that, so i did, i didn't do much work on it just cgi stuff and what not, so enjoy.

today at work I got yelled at finally, i picked up the phone and played rammstein on the intercom. it was great, as soon as it stopped the manager was on the phone and i and someone else got called up to the front. he whined, but eventually it was ok. oh well. anyway i'm tired, and i hate that destiny's child video survivor, they're not that good looking they're nothing special anyway, and their voices make me want to slit my throat

Hey i thought that other people besides me have CUECAT and they want to do something cool with them. Uninstall your CRQ or whatever software you have, and head here.