friday, last friday in september, 2001

there are lots of new kompressor songs!!!!!!!!!!!  the site for kompressor is not going to be around for much longer, unfortunately, however they will be moving to some new site.  when it works i will let you know.  i am kind of in a bummed mood now, too many things are changing and change really sucks.  for some reason when you are in this kind of mood it helps to listen to marilyn manson's more mellow stuff, i do not know why perhaps it is subliminal messages saying to me that things could be worse, i could be marilyn manson or i could be a goth.  oh well it is still good music.  marilyn manson is no more unholy than the beatles were.  anyway no new links to keep you busy with, perhaps you should go looking on your own for stuff, no because that would be too much work, yes.

friday, 250th episode of diesel sweeeties day, 2001

well, i just got a cool new frash, it is available in the frash section, which is rinked berow.  damn this chinese tarking is hard to read!!!  however, i thought that i would add a new feature, it is at the bottom of this page, it is the DIESEL SWEETIES current picture.  Go check out the frash section, NOW!

hey if anybody wants to know what to get me for christmas, you can get me and/or: these two things are r0x0riffic. 

wednesday, can't think of a description but it is closer to october than august and kind of in the middle of september, 2001

who likes yahoo!pool????  it is me!  there is a new kompressor song available today, it is titled "YOU GET SALMONELLA" that is the link to kompressor, the newest songs are toward the top however right now the newest song is 3 songs down, i think  but one sad note, i must say goodnight to "TWEAKFILES.COM" it was a resource site and it was really good and had really really good forums, with mostly computer dorks, it is good.  however, on a happy note i am pleased to announce that KICKACAT DOT COM OWNS IN TERMS OF HITTAGE.  and i don't have no flashy music on my web page.... however i feel that as a trophy i am entitled to steal their image.


If you're in a war, instead of throwing a hand grenade at some guys, throw one of those baby-type pumpkins. Maybe it'll make everyone think of how crazy war is, and while they're thinking, you can throw a real grenade.

            -poem submitted by /\/arcus.  that bitch.



monday, day of stock exchange open, 2001

you're all to good to draw simple pictures (lame ass excuses like i am not an artist, ican't draw, that is not the point), except for promo joe, i take it, so you just want cartoons back, who is you i don't know because me and someone else are the most active visitors to the site.   but I will open up a flash cartoon section for people, since they're just freeloaders and want to just watch and not create.  THE NEW FLASH SECTION!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is a trick, you see, if you do not discover the right link you will be very very sorry there is a link there though, it is to keep it secret and hidden from dumb people!!!!!)  FRASH FRASH FRASH FRASH  you like!!!  A LOT!

wednesday, 1 day after airplane crash day, 2001

(and thursday writing on here too, reasons explained if asked)

everything has just finally started to sink in.  like thousands of other internet posters/etc. people, i just gotta say something.  this is for the better.  i know that 95% of the visitors (that is 8 people or something...) will disagree with me.  but i think it is something like this that america needs to start kicking some ass again.  i shouldn't turn this into a political matter, but i have to.  our government has become too damn weak.  we, and by that i mean americans [now is not a time for internal blame], cut the national defense budget in a fraction of what it once was and into a fraction of what it should be.  the thing that gained us our prosperity in the first place... and we turned our back on it.  maybe this is what it will take to finally get the anti-churchers off of their praised pedestal, make them realize there are bigger fucking problems in our society than the ten commandments in a class room, more problems than the state motto including the word God.  it seems they cared more about taking God out of our lives than taking violence out of our lives, maybe they didn't but by their actions they proved it.  we were a nation of people who cared nothing but for bigger wallets.  i am a republican, but that does not mean i spend money like a republican, the people who know me know that I don't really give a shit about personal financial safety.  we went and got ourselves in a big shithole.  we were too self-confident, we were too arrogent, and i am amazed that people still talk the way they do.  i am privalged, yes privalged despite what i am about to say, to be a student in an american college.  however the way people are reacting to it is astounding.  a lot of people just want blood, yeah that will work eventually, but if we go out and kill 100,000 people to get at our target we will be no better than the people who did it.  no excuses.  i can completely understand the attack on the pentagon; it was an attack on an american martial establishment, and that kind of thing just happens.  however, the attack on the world trade center is what i consider the most horrendous of the happenings, by far.  a deliberate attack on a civilian structure with no martial importance is something that i will never be able to understand, comprehend, or forgive.  anyway, i'm not in the mood to write anymore, here is information:  I DID NOT POOP ON TUESDAY, i was too glued to the TV!  the news channels are so happy right now, despite the loss... right now a picture session is open (it does not have to be good at all, hell, my pictures are mostly drawn in MS Paint... so, just draw to let your feelings out, and I will post here.  pictures rule.

gallery for the people who want to draw things, when you are done with your drawing just email it to (not over 500k please, if they are over 100k i will compress them unless they are worth not compressing).  or if you are online i am ketchuprat on AIM, and filesends work, me and my roommate have to share galleries... i'll update when i get the message, etc.  put your cursor over them to find out drawer information!!!!












tuesday, airplane crash day, 2001

I Am sure that everybody has seen the news of what has happened, it is very bad news, show your support for america by buying my boxers!!!!!!!  they can be purchased here (THAT IS A LINK!!!!!!). 

september, saturday after labor day, 2001

Welcome to, I have some very important news to update you on!  The most important news is that the KICKACAT.COM store is going under some changes, starting with A NEW PRODUCT!  it is a bag, and it features some preliminary artwork.  I have plenty of artworks that might be published, they are being held for me by someone who i stole a font from.  I HAVE TO INFORM YOU OF THIS:  Act fast as these hip and stylish bags will only be available until September 30, 2001.  that is a direct quote from the cafepress people.  stay tuned, I will be working on another NEW product (as well as changes to the tshirt and mug).  WHO WANTS BOXER SHORTS.  oh yes, you need a link to the store to look at the bag, it is located here.  ENJOY and stay tuned.

Newest Diesel Sweeties Cartoon (usually updated every day!!!):