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Right now, however, I really want to speak up on some shit that has been going around this great nation (yeah, that would be America, for all of you foreigners who come here [I KNOW WHO YOU ARE] - lots of you guys i know).  First of all, anybody who knows me knows that I'm a pretty conservative Catholic.  Yeah, I have my flaws, yeah, I know what they are, and yeah I've almost fixed them (well... it). 

What is really pissing me off right now is this shit that is circling around the media right now.  All of the jumping on the Catholic church because they got some deviant priests.  First, let me bring back some thoughts from 9/11 era.  Wasn't it funny about how the media suddenly dropped all of their anti-church news all of a sudden?  They knew that people would be going to church after the attacks, so they didn't want to piss off any viewers (and risk their ratings going down, after all that's what 9/11 is all about - ratings).  But now, the floodgates are open, I guess.

Here is a story linked to at BBC News.  Go ahead, read it, this page isn't going anywhere - it'll even open in a new window for you (wow).

OK Now you've read that.  Basically, what that article said is that a priest's career was ruined because some insecure bitch blamed her life's troubles on one incident that probably never happened.  yeah that really pissed me off, his career was ruined.  Bull shit.  He has been serving a community of up to 10 million people - the diocese there is up to 10 million people large, and he's in charge of it. 10 million people, and this one screwed up bitch is the only one who has been sexually molested by him.  Amazing.

Furthermore, deviants come from every field.  Guess what - you don't have to be celibate to be a sexual offender.  Police officers have done it.  Your beloved Firemen have done it.  Teachers, truck drivers, professional sports players, pilots, waiters and waitresses.

The one group of people that do what they do for free - the one group of people that are trying to bring a shred of decency to this country, despite what the media crams down the public's throat are being attacked, mercilessly, and they make no effort to make a difference between the real Catholic church and the deviants.


And now, you know yet another reason why i dislike probably most of the people who come here.  Just more sheep.  There's only been one person in the last few months who has made me think differently.  You're probably nothing special.

Enjoy your flash I recommend you save all of these to your hard drives - I don't know how much longer KaC will be operating.  This is your warning.

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