Introduction to Z-W0RLD

ETHAN MICHAEL CRANE:"Z-W0RLD was once part of the RPG section of ASMDA and, as the name suggests, has to do with the character of Z-R0E. Z-R0E gained somewhat of a following among the AnimEigo chat-goers due to several scripted 'role-fights,' or fights between two RPG chracters written by their creators in turn-based prose, and since Z-R0E the human and I were friends, I thought, 'Sure, why not give him his own RPG Character Shrine?' So I essentially made a back-up of the pages on his website that dealt with the character's history.

While I, like several others, believed at the time that Z-R0E was easily one of the coolest characters ever created, looking back, he was very much a product of the 90s. Definitely more Rob Liefeld than Denny O'Neil. At any rate, if you're here, it's because you're interested in the 90s RPG character that prompted the writing of posts like those that shut down the Moon Princess RPG. Ask, and you shall receive. Here he is, warts and all: Z-R0E, in his own words!"

Enter Z-W0RLD

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