Neo-Delta Protoman

Neo-Delta Protoman, aka Make-Shift #5647784556

ETHAN MICHAEL CRANE:"Neo-Delta Protoman was originally named as an antagonist on the list of Z-R0E's characters that I mirrored at the ASMDA, but a document in my archives that I've recently uncovered reminded me that NDP was actually a real person.

As has been stated, Z-R0E was a charismatic fellow, and many who frequented the AnimEigo visual chatroom wanted to be part of his social circle. One of those people was a chatter calling himself Neo-Delta Protoman. At first, Z-R0E saw the guy as nothing more than a weak attempt to become part of his mythos (hence the 'Neo-Delta Protoman' monnicker), and so he wrote NDP off outright. NDP was persistent, and this led the annoyed Z-R0E to name him as an enemy 'make-shift' and assign him a number, effectively removing his identity from him. It's this version of the character that made it onto my list.

Upon learning that Z-R0E despised him, NDP went to any one of Z-R0E's friends who might lend an ear. That search eventually brought him to me. Seeing an opportunity to strike against the Moonies infesting the chat, I set NDP upon a task to 'role-fight'--that is, to role-play a turn-based fight via text--a bloke named 'Prince Spawn,' who wore a picture of Sailor Moon character Tuxedo Mask in purple as his avatar. I told NDP that if he fought Prince Spawn publicly and 'won,' I would put in a good word for him with Z-R0E. NDP did indeed win, and I kept up my end of the bargain.

What resulted was the following public proclamation on the chatroom's message board as made by Brandon, who was also in Z-R0E's online entourage. I don't know why I copied and kept the proclamation in a text document for all these years, especially considering I don't seem to have a copy of the actual role-fight itself, but here it is."


Last night Neo-Delta Protoman, make-shift number 5647784556, was
field testing his new equipment on one Prince Spawn, sworn protector of all Senshi. In the
battle, 5647784556 showed exceptional agility and skill in hand-to-hand combat. The fight
killed Spawn, and as a trophy, he took Spawn's jacket and presented it to Z-R0E as a gift.
Z-R0E found this acceptable, and told him to keep it, for he earned it. 5647784556 is now
in Z-R0E's army.

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