Z-R0E's RPG Posts and Their Aftermath: "The Moon Princess RPG Trophy"

ETHAN MICHAEL CRANE: "It was during the summer of 1999, probably July, that Z-R0E, a gentleman by name of Akira Ryuri, and I had the brilliant idea to join a Sailor Moon RPG on a random message board and attempt to destroy it from the inside. We would pretend to be Sailor Moon fans using my encyclopedic knowledge of the enemy and over the course of days and weeks, months if necessary, post increasingly shocking or tasteless things while making ourselves indespensable to the RPG overall by either being its primary villains, or most interesting 'heroes,' or whatever we decided. Once we'd had our fun, we would then spam the message board with profanity and drive people away, or simply make very unsatisfying final posts resulting in the ultimate anticlimax we could conceive. Well, it was a good idea in theory, anyway.

In practice, it was a great idea.

The RPG we picked that summer was called 'Moon Princess,' located at http://anime.at/smrpg, and after doing a bit of research into posting patterns and such, we decided that Z-R0E was to be the first to submit a character profile. He did, and was accepted to the RPG almost immediately. Shortly after, the time had come to make the first post..."


*The black and red killer walked in the park. His living metal armor off, and his long black and red hair hanging down to his ankles. He walked over to a bench, moving his ankle-length chain as he sat. He watched all the little kids playing on the jungle-gym. They seemed so happy and cheerful. He pitied them. They only knew their little world of joyfulness and smiles. In their fabricated world, they believed nothing would ever go wrong. Z-R0E would show them the error of their beliefs.*

*He stood up and straightened his black Adidas-style KoRn shirt and walked towards the jungle-gym. His bright red eyes glistened in the light of the sun. He placed his hand on a little boys head. The small child looked up, still laughing. Z-R0E's body exploded in a dark light, completely destroying everything within an 8 foot radius, including the once-laughing boy.*

*The other kids ran for fear of their own lives. Parents grabbed their children and ran away, looking back at the black and red robot-looking murderer.* *As one mother was carrying her daughter, she looked back to take a glimpse of the life-taker, but he wasn't there. Not paying attention to where she was going, she looked frantically for Z-R0E, until she ran into something cold and hard.*

*She lost her balance, and fell to the ground, accidentally scraping her daugher's knee. The child started to whale, not knowing what was going on. Z-R0E reached down and picked up the child, telling her it would be ok. She sniffled a bit, then stopped crying. The woman screamed as loud as she could to not hurt her baby, and she screamed for help. But no one was around now.*

*Z-R0E smiled at the child as his eyes turned blood red. He placed the once crying girl in his mother's arm, leaving his heavy hand on the child's head. The mother rejoiced and thanked him for sparing her child's life*

*Z-R0E grinned, his red eyes still blood red as he squeezed hard with the hand on the girl's head, easily crushing her skull to the point where it had collapsed in on her brain, and it seeped out from the sides. Z-R0E's grinned widened as the mother screamed in horror and pain, knowing she would soon join her daughter*

Who will survive and what will be left of them.

ETHAN MICHAEL CRANE: "They certainly don't make posts like that anymore, let me tell you. Well, Z-R0E's maiden post was, needless to say, not appreciated by those in charge of the RPG. He was told that his post disturbed other players (one of them to the point of feeling physically ill) and that if he continued to post such things, he would be removed from the RPG. Z-R0E, of course, offered an empty apology and Akira and I proceeded to submit our characters, following suit with hyper-violent and disturbing posts of our own. By August of 1999, well..."

ETHAN MICHAEL CRANE: "...what you see above is a screenshot of .html code taken from the Moon Princess RPG in August, 1999. As you'll notice, it is completely devoid of posts. This is because our plan worked too well. But, of course, there would be other RPGs in the coming months and years. But the first time is always special, isn't it?"

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