Real Name: Z-R0E

Height: 5'11" without armor, 7'3" with

Weight: 137 lbs without armor, 756 with

Build: Without his armor, Z is fairly thin, with little bulk on him. With his armor, he is slightly bulkier, and bigger over all.

Eyes: Z's eyes are normally a bright red, but they reflect his anger, the angrier he gets, the darker they become.
Hair: Z's hair is down to his ankles and is all black, except the last foot and a half, which is red(not dyed)

Description: Hard hearted with a large taste for violence. He ussualy dresses in his black velvet KoRn shirt with the 2 inch stripe of sequins down the sleeve, and in long baggy jeans with a wallet chain to his ankle. As for personality, Z-R0E has little heart, and cares for no one but himself and his very close friends. He enjoys violence and destruction, and is even known to go on random killing sprees for pure entertainment.

Power: All of Z's power lies in his Repliroid herritage. Like all Repliroids, he can teleport anywhere he wants in a pure instant. When he teleports, there is no light or motion to signalfy it, he just appears where he wants, when he wants. He also has a living-metal armor come on his body from what can only be described as a sub-space pocket. The armor can heal itself from a deep, all the-way-through, sword wound in about 20 minutes. Z-R0E's body also heals at a faster rate, healing from his gut being pierced through his back in about an hour or two. He uses two lightsabre like weapons called Z-Sabres. The first one, green, was givin to Z by his father. It's blade is the same as a lightsabre, but can take on various other properties, such as ice, fire, electricity, and more. Z-R0E's red Z-Sabre has a more concentrated energy blade and can even cut through lightsabre blades. Z-R0E's helmet prevents all forms of mental affects on him, keeping him safe from confusion spells and psychics. The only downfall about this is he can't hear telepathic messages either.

Z-R0E was born during the end of the Repliforce/Maverick war. His mother, Iris, died when Z-R0E was one, from saving Zero. He was raised by his father, Zero, and trained in combat by many of the higher ranking Mavericks, such as Vile, Sigma, and Bit to name a few. Z-R0E taught himself to endure pain, to block it out. The end result was that there is little that actually makes Z-R0E feel pain. He has even gotten to the point where he can shrug off a pierced abdamon.
Zero later died while saving Z-R0E from X. Z-R0E became leader of the Mavericks, but it was all in vain after the destruction of Aurora(the planet humans banished the Reploids to) was destroyed by Z-R0E. Z-R0E and his friend X-Idus were the only two Repliroids to survive, and are now the only real Repliroids left alive.

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