by Happy Fun Land (Big Kombo)

Civilian Name: Milton Burral

Senshi/Villan Name: Angry Old Man

Birthday: December 27, 1794

Age: Who the hell knows

Home Planet: Dimensia

Current Residence: A retirement community (nursing home)

Likes: Bridge, Conasta, Shuffle Board

Dislikes: Damn kids these days

Strengths: Remembering to take his pills on time

Weaknesses: Remembering anything else

Physical Description (detail!!!): He's like 5'5", 110 pounds of cancer-induced fury. Bald, wrinkled, and that's only his scrotum.

Personality: He hates all people born after the War of 1812

Goals/Dreams: To use his social-security sucking power to suck the American economy dry, thereby screwing the rest of the world over in the process

Allies: The government

History(very important): When he was a young boy, Angry Old Guy saw Paul Revere ride around telling people that the red coats were coming. After hearing this, he went to sleep for 100 years. A few days ago he woke up in Tokyo. Who knows why...he's old. Better give him what he wants.

Is your character good, evil or neutral? Explain why: Neutral, because he hates people but he's not trying to kill them...except maybe with his eyes. Or dog.

Henshin Phrase (if any): Humma

Henshin Item: Senior Citizen Card

Do you have any pics of your senshi/villan?: He won't allow himself to be photographed for he thinks it will suck his soul out. God forbid he dies...ever...

Physical Description (once transformed): He grows like two strands of hair. That's all.


Weaknesses in battle: Movement of any kind

Any other interesting facts: He doesn't breath move or crap himself. He has machines doing that for him. Because of that he is my personal hero.

~Writing Sample~

"Get off my lawn, you young hulagan." Angry old man said yelling at the boy riding his bike on Angry old man's lawn.

"Fuck you."

"Excuse me?!"

"You heard me old fuck."

"That does it!!!"

Angry old man opened his front door up and let out his boxer to get the boy. The angry old man laughed as the boy screamed in pain, the boxer was chomping on his ass.