by Happy Fun Land (Humpy Llama)


Senshi/Villan Name: Benander

Birthday: 3.14

Age: Pi

Home Planet: Room 212

Current Residence: He resides in the minds of all

Likes: Secret quiz days

Dislikes: People discovering that the secret quiz days are Wednesdays and Fridays

Strengths: Figuring the exact numeral for Pi, creating unpopular boardgames

Weaknesses: Creating popluar boardgames, making sense, teaching

Physical Description (detail!!!): Tall man, about Pi years of age

Personality: He's crazy. Plain and simple. He loves to make no sense whatsoever.

Goals/Dreams: To rule the world using the power of Pi

Allies: Sailor Ian and Sailor Miller, both of which are men.

History(very important): He used to be a math teacher, until he became a mathematics teacher. Now he seeks to rule the world using pi.

Is your character good, evil or neutral? Explain why: Evil. He's a math teacher, for God's sakes!

Henshin Phrase (if any): NOTE BENE!

Henshin Item: A google pages of paper

Do you have any pics of your senshi/villan?: Yes

Physical Description (once transformed): He chages into a giant brain with the numbers for pi tatooed on it.


Weaknesses in battle: Guessing his secret quiz days

Any other interesting facts: He has no problem with nakedness. None whatsoever.

~Writing Sample~






Gary Googles, do do do do, do do do doooo!