by Happy Fun Land (Spanky McGee)

Civilian Name: Big Daddy Debo

Senshi/Villan Name: Big Daddy Debo

Birthday: Uknown

Age: Unknown

Home Planet: Da Ghetto

Current Residence (where they live when the story begins. ex. Sailor Who lives in a box in Luna's closet. -or- Sailor What lives in an apartment in Kyoto, Japan on Earth.): Jail

Likes: little white girls, little white boys, fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, armed robbery, and welfare

Dislikes: Da police, employment

Strengths: body odor, primitive brain reduces amount of pain felt, gravy sweat

Weaknesses: Dumber than a pile of monkey shit

Physical Description (detail!!!): 6'8, 350 pounds of pure negro loving! Wears a purple felt pimp suit and gold chains.

Personality: Evil and likes to have butt sex

Goals/Dreams: Get out of jail, rule the world, live off welfare, have some KFC

Allies: his ho's and his posse the West Side Ghetto Stompaz

History(very important): Born in da ghetto in the bathroom of a KFC. First words were "Man, shit!" Father left when Debo was two hours old. Mother was the first person in the ghetto to get a job. She worked at a zoo cleaning the monkey cages. There she met her new love Bongo the gorilla. But Bongo constantly chewed on Debo's abnormally large skull. Bongo's saliva gave Debo the power to fart toxic gasses.

Is your character good, evil or neutral? Explain why: evil cuz that's all he knows


Henshin Item: bucket of KFC Rotisseree and Original Recipe

Do you have any pics of your senshi/villan?: No

Physical Description (once transformed): His pimp suit turns dark red. That's all.

Powers (with descriptions of weaknesses in the attacks, descriptions of what they look like and descriptions of what they do. Major points off if you don't do it.):

Weaknesses in battle: Can be scared if opponent wears a police outfit

Any other interesting facts: Debo has a crush on Sailor Venus

~Writing Sample~

Debo bit into the chicken.

"Shit, this ain't no mutha fukking original recipe!"

Debo pulled out his Deuce and capped the cracka boy behind the counter at KFC.

"Crackas don't know shit 'bout ma KFC!"

Debo walked out fondling his penis.