by Happy Fun Land (Fun Leader Bob)

Civilian Name: Jimmy Brown

Senshi/Villan Name: Big Head

Birthday: June 3, 1988

Home Planet: His head has it's own solar system

Current Residence: Wherever his head will fit

Likes: Cigarettes

Dislikes: Mr. Kolbe

Strengths: Having such a huge head

Weaknesses: Having such a huge head

Physical Description (detail!!!): He's a tall man with a big head.

Personality: Surprisingly enough, for a man with such a large head, he has no personality.

Goals/Dreams: To rule the world using his big head.

Allies: Cracklin, Shra, and Kolbe (when high himself)

History(very important): One day, little Jimmy Brown's head started to grow. Not by normal standards, mind you, but by huge headed standards!

Is your character good, evil or neutral? Explain why: Neutral, for his big head allows him to do no evil.

Henshin Phrase (if any): "I'm going to go smoke now!"

Henshin Item: A cigarette

Do you have any pics of your senshi/villan?: No. His head would never fit on the page.

Physical Description (once transformed): Same as when he's not transformed.


Weaknesses in battle: Nut busters

Any other interesting facts: His head pops up on radar!

~Writing Sample~

A dark, shadowy figure popped up from around the corner.

"Are you James Brown?" the figure asked.

"I have a big head!" replied James.

"Yes. I see," said the shadowy figure who now began to light a cigarette. "I've heard much about you."

"I have a big head!" said James.

"...I know..." said the man. "I need you to do a job for me. You see, my wife's a whore and I need her dead. Could you possibly...slam your head into her car while she's on her way to work? I'm sure a head of that size could crush anything."

"Sure," said James. And so he did.