by Happy Fun Land (Fun Leader Bob)

Civilian Name: Daverab Fork

Senshi/Villan Name: Forkman

Birthday: December 7th, 1941

Age: 58

Home Planet: Phobos

Current Residence: Einstein's Basement

Likes: OJ

Dislikes: left wingests

Strengths: Stock market, right forearm (heheh), and has an uncanny ability with chopsticks

Weaknesses: Socialists, natoinalized health care, wet farts

Physical Description (detail!!!): he's got a gut, and has forks fused into his fingers

Personality: well, he is very rightist, and he's well, he's got a nice sized penis which he's proud of.

Goals/Dreams: to eliminate the EPA and GreenPeace

Allies: Capitalists. And spoons and knives of course

History(very important): whenever you see a woman with a baby or a young child, point to her and say "I can guarantee you've been fucked in the vagina at least once in your life!" then run away while the small child and woman stand there in awe and have stares at her...

Is your character good, evil or neutral? Explain why: Evil. Because.. Darth Vader.

Henshin Phrase (if any): BLACK WOMAN!

Henshin Item: Bowling Ball

Do you have any pics of your senshi/villan?: I have a picture of his penis

Physical Description (once transformed): 900 pound black woman


Weaknesses in battle: anal penetration by a large horse

Any other interesting facts: debo is not all white... in fact.. he's not white at all!

~Writing Sample~