by Happy Fun Land (Big Kombo)

Civilian Name: Ian

Senshi/Villan Name: Strider Ian

Birthday: The same day the stock market opened

Age: 17

Home Planet: Money

Current Residence: In a giant mansion on the edge of Brunswick, but not in Brunswick, though he will always claim it is in Brunswick, even though property maps clearly show it is not Brunswick

Likes: Money and Brunswick

Dislikes: Poor people, for he thinks they should die

Strengths: Money, money laundering, tax evasion

Weaknesses: Not having any money (which never happens, for he is quite wealthy)

Physical Description (detail!!!): Tall young man about 6'1", with a large round head. He constantly looks at people and makes strange comments..

Personality: none

Goals/Dreams: to own the world, and also spend his wealth responsibly by attending art school

Allies: George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Alex Hamilton, Andy Jackson, U.S. Grant, Ben Franklin, JFK, Dwight Eisenhower, Susan B. Anthony, and that Indian chick on the new gold dollar.

History(very important): He was born to a rich family. When he was about three years old his father bought him a place in the Striders, an organization of super ninjas. He sucks at ninjutsu, but the size of his wallet keeps him there. If there's ever a war, all he has to do is blow a whistle and someone will come help him.

Is your character good, evil or neutral? Explain why: That depends upon opinion. he's a saint if you like stuck up rich fucks


Henshin Item: his wallet

Do you have any pics of your senshi/villan?: Think Bill Gates without glasses

Physical Description (once transformed): His shortish hair becomes spiked (think dykes on bikes) and his business suit turns into a blue Strider outfit with a red dollar sign on the chest.


Weaknesses in battle: He sucks at any kind of fighting so he pays people to do it for him.

Any other interesting facts: His father makes more money in an hour than any of you will in your whole pathetic lives combined.

~Writing Sample~

One day Ian was walking through the bad part of town. Suddenly, a drunk negro walked up to him.

"Hey man, can a nigga get dolla round he?"

Ian just laughed, grabbed an aluminum baseball bat, and knocked the silly negro's head off. He walked away, happy to know that his taxes will go to support one less welfare sucking black man.