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  "We're back, and better than ever. Believe it or else."

Our Allies are NSE and ASMDA. Please join them if you can't join us.

More Stuff Coming Soon.

More Stuff Coming Soon.

More Stuff Coming Soon.







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Yes, AOA 1.5 is finally here, but it is still heavily under construction. Yes, and we finnaly have javascript and DHTML on here. And the glowing and 3D text is real text..
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Welcome to the AOA (version 1.5) The AOA is a group who's goal is to win the moon war (It's really just a really big online contreversey). We have members, and you can join if you want (Please! We are desprete!), and help win a war (online contreversey), for the good guys (just some dudes on the internet). News Archive

7/11/99 - Added link to AOA's AOL board. You need AOL to use it, though....

7/3/99 - Added a cool superstats counter.

6/19/99 - I have some of the greatest news that there has been in awhile.....ASMMail. It's a real email service....just for ASMMers. I've put up a login and register section on the AOA.

6/6/99 - There will be a NSE planning chat at 5:00 P.M. Central Time, in The AOA Chat Room.

6/4/99 - Put up the Mailbag; a place where you can anonomusily email us.

5/26/99- I created the member roles when I built the AOA, but forgot to put it up until now. Thanks to ChikoSteve for telling me.

5/21/99 - Got a new message board.

5/17/99 - Sorry I haven't updated in awhile - I've been very busy. The AOA also has joined a ASM webring.

5/5/99 - Same Midi, but kinda different. The Midi should now need no plugins, but it will take a little while to load, but now almost everybody can hear it without installing plugins. (Repitive, ain't it?)

5/4/99 - Added AOA's Info Ticker.

5/3/99 - Added a midi file; the ending music to the empire strikes back.

4/17/99 - Added a new counter and a new member position.

4/14/99 - Added some more cool stuff.

4/4/99 - Put up the AOA message center and made the member list.

4/3/99 - Created the AOA

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The Goals of The AOA:

*Last updated 7/20/99*

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