The Guardian

Here ye, hear ye....

Forsooth, I shall now explain what had happened. Around yesterday, our former Admiral, Dark Rider (We go to the same school) got a hold of the AOA's password and fooled around with the AOA's settings. His friend who he invited over accidently deleted the account, after that message from "Hellmo" (Dark Rider). It is a good thing that I took precautions before hand. So for now, we are on Tripod, with only the guestbook and message boards working, temporarilly.......while I work on AOA 1.5

"What is AOA 1.5?", I know that you're thinking. Well, I'll explain. This situation has opened up a grand opportunity for the AOA. AOA 1.5 Will include much mroe things than our present AOA. I'll explain some of the features of the new version.