Ethan Crane's ASMDA Triple Threat of Doom and Destruction (tm) Gateway!

A weird hybrid of H.C. Dave and the Kindred

Enter Proto-ASMDA (1998-1999)
The half-way point between the Kindred's update and Dave the Assassin's original vision

Taking down @$$holes, one at a time!!!

Enter ASMDA Classic (2000-2001)
The first full ASMDA incarnation, brought to you by the Kindred

The ASMDA - Coiling around the world like a giant...COBRAAAAAA!!!

Enter ASMDA Ultimate (2001-2011)
The ultimate ASMDA experience as crafted by Ethan Michael Crane

DISCLAIMER: If you are offended by words like "ass" or "bitch" or "cunt-fucking-pussy-shit," then feel free to go fuck yourself, because these sites aren't for you. If you're normal, then come right in!

Cunt-fucking-pussy-shit, I say!