Hello, and welcome to the new home of the Kindred.  I am Ethan Crane, and we are the new owners of this site.  Don't worry, it is still an Anti Sailor Moon site, but with a...darker feel to it.  Please feel free to look around.  Also, if you are an avid fan of Sailor Moon, BE WARNED: The contents of this site may make you want to flame me.  My answer to this would be please go ahead. :)  It makes for great FAQ/FML material.
ISM -This is the page that started the revolution. One of the best.
NSE -In my opinion, this is the best site in the Anti SM war today.
Pizza of Hut's
Anti Shrine
-Pizza of Hut's page. This is the funniest anti page I've seen.
NSEucb -An off-shoot of NSE. Very nicely done, gentlemen.
AOA -This stands for the Alliance of Antis. It is a great idea, as well as a great page, and I hope for all our sakes that it works out.
Aaron and Tim's
Anti SM Page
-This is a very good page that has a lot of potential.
More stuff on the Way!
Taking down @$$ holes, one at a time...