The Story of the ASMDA

And now for the story of ASMDA...

...The ASMDA started about, oh, I don't know, two, maybe three years ago, but not in the form that stands before you today. It started with two visionaries: Kyle Drake and Kamen Rider Dragon. One day, they happened to turn on their televisions, and they noticed a "new" show called Sailor Moon. After watching one episode, they simply thought that, since it was so moronic anyways, it wouldn't last. Boy, were THEY ever wrong. After noticing that there were a number of people putting up Sailor Moon sites, they decided that they should be heard, and that maybe they should give their opinions on the show. Obviously, instead of being greeted with civilized conversation, they were ostracized and torn-down because of they're beliefs. Needless to say, they were more than a little pissed. To make a long story short, they created ISM, an Anti Sailor Moon organization. This spawned more Anti SM organizations, such as NSE and SMIRC. The second-in-command of the NSE, a man called Dave the Assassin, created ASMDA in order to try to protect those who are constantly flamed by what are known as "Moonies." Now, while his attempt perhaps was not that popular, we have asserted ourselves in an attempt to get the attention of these Moonies by using language most familiar to them. While we almost never resort to immature remarks, we will in fact do this in order to gain the attention of flamers.

-Wellington James-