Funny Antics

This is the part of the page that chronicles my internet career as a member of the ASM community. Um...that's it.

Here's a little avit for the never-believer...

First of all I would like to start by saying that I have not always been an Anti. When I first saw Sailor Moon in 1995 (it was that godawful marathon with the "live action Serena"), I didn't think it was that terrible. I didn't particularly like it, but I didn't hate it. **Warp a couple of years to July 1998** I just happened to be surfing the internet one day, looking for information on shows that I liked way back in 1996 (the best year of my life thus far), when I happened upon a Sailor Moon site by Kool-Aid Queen (of Toad Kinipio fame). This is where I learned about not only advanced Sailorism but also Anti-Sailorism. I must admit that when I first saw her site, I was angered by the actions of Antis. But, an intelligent person never judges without knowing all he can about the situation (one of the many reasons why I'm better than Lion Jeter), and so I went to the ASM capitol of the net at that time, ISM International. There I saw undeniable proof that Kool-Aid Queen was wrong and the show Sailor Moon was evil, and so my first activity began.

I emailed Kool-Aid Queen under the guise of King Ghidorah, spokes-person of a hacker clan called G-Force. I asked her if she would like to see a site for moonies that would be password protected. I just wanted to see her reaction...and she fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I don't know where she is now, but she's no doubt still waiting for it. LOL

I joined ISM under the names of King Ghidorah, Baragon, and Gorosaur. At the same time I happened to be playing Jedi Knight on the Zone ( and even joined a clan. I was designated as TDSC_Ghidorah0, second-in-command of "The Dark Stormtrooper Clan." I was the top saberist in my clan and the second best saberist on the ladder. That's when I met one Sailor_Moon_qt. I targeted her as an easy kill and decided to engage her in battle.

She kicked my ass. Big time.

This, needless to say, was something that really killed my ego. Here I was, the second best saberist on the Zone, beaten by a moonie...but, being the quick thinker I am, I emailed my buddy TDSC_Paulio13 and asked him to help me with a plan that couldn't possibly go wrong. The idea was that I would invite Sailor_Moon_qt into another game, but this time the playing field would be a level that involved a fan and, most importantly, a room that allowed for an ambush. The plan went through without a hitch; she of course accepted the challenge, and Paulio joined separately as Paulio13. After a few minutes of Paulio and I fighting, I asked QT to come to the large room in the center of the map. I wanted to fight her, one on one, no force, just sabers. And so she came, and we fought, and she won. That was the cue. Paulio jumped down from his perch and we both pelted her with force destruction, for a score of:

TDSC_Ghidorah0: 6

Paulio13: 7

Sailor_Moon_qt: 2

In retrospect, I probably should have gotten a screen shot of that. It would have made a great trophy.

Here's a little ghost for the offering...

Shortly after, the leader of TDSC, Stormtrooper12, threatened to kick me out of TDSC because I disobeyed an order he gave in a battle. So, being the good Jedi I am, I simply told him to go fuck himself, and I left. Oh, and I took most of his clan with me. We became the nWo, and I changed my name to ChumbaWumba, after the punk band (spelled "ChumbaWamba"). We fought TDSC and won (they were outnumbered!). At that point I met a girl called Sailormoon_14 and decided to do a little research in behavioral science. What if I was to become her friend AND her enemy? She wouldn't know it, of course, until it was too late, but it would certainly be fun. At that time I played both nWo_ChumbaWumba AND a villain known as ISM_Obsidian. Obsidian had some great battles with Sailormoon_14 and her two friends, SFX_Tuxedo_Mask and SailorJ3, while ChumbaWumba would be their mentor, the only man to single-handedly beat Obsidian on a number of occasions. This of course was a simple feat...since I was both Obsidian and Chumba, I would need someone to play Obsidian while I would fight him as Chumba...that's where Paulio once again came in. I gave him my password for Obsidian and he would come into games with Chumba and we would fight, and I would always beat him. This went on for awhile, until I decided that enough was enough and so I told 14 that I had something to tell her as ChumbaWumba. When we entered the game, she saw that my name was ISM_Obsidian...needless to say, she was very confused. I explained to her who I was and why I did it, and then she attacked...and I wasted her. Tux was to follow and so was SailorJ3, and I explained it to them in different ways. Screens from some of our battles can be found in the "Trophy Room."

After this I changed my name again, this time to the name of a character I had heard about on, Darth Maul, and I joined the clan called "The Circle of the Dark Side," or CDS. As a member of CDS, my job was to ruin clans from the inside. As luck would have it, I found a girl called HotJ_SailerMoon, and low and behold I found my target. I decided to go the old route of playing both sides (something I have called the "Palpatine Manuever" for reasons to be revealed in Episodes 2 and 3 of the Star Wars Saga). I joined HotJ as Sebulba15, and quickly became friends with HotJ_SailerMoon. The ISM agent to attack this time was a man called ISM_Dark_Knight, again played by me, and he harrassed Sailer and made enemies with her boyfriend, Jek Tezak. This went on for a short time until I convinced Sailer to leave HotJ and join CDS, thereby breaking the spirit of Jek Tezak (who was also the leader) and destroying the clan. If CDS still exists, she's still with it. I never told her that I was ISM_Dark_Knight. I don't know why...maybe it was clan loyalty...even if she was a moonie...

Here's a truck-stop instead of St. Peter's...

After she came over to CDS, I left the zone and that's when Ethan Crane was born. Now, there has been some discussion as to whether or not I started the fight with Sailor Callisto's Senshi Battle Zone. Let the record show that I did NOT! All I did was tell them that I thought they were wrong about Jupiter being able to destroy Luke Skywalker in a fight, and they sent me an "award." I couldn't let this was just too hilarious to keep to myself, so I went to ISM and NSE. Since NSE was more responsive, I stayed and engaged both Janus and Altima in many arguments, all coming out as either victories for me or stale-mates. Dave the Assassin (aka H.C. Dave) was looking for someone to take over the ASMDA, and I volunteered. Then Jeter left NSE, and I left ASMDA to drift, un-updated and half-finished.

I went over to a chat room known as AnimEigo, where I met two people: Luna, who was a guide, and Smllady, who became a guide later. Smllady and I became like brother and sister, while I totally screwed Luna out of some guide HTML (exhibited on the Area 1 Trophy Page). I also met Akira-san (aka Akira Ryuri) and Z-R0E while at AE, and we still talk to each other over ICQ.

I then came back to find Lion Jeter going awal, and, to make a long story short, we argued a lot, he "hacked" into Pizza's site, and Z-R0E broke into his (exhibited as Area 2 on the Trophy Page). I met my first girlfriend (lorijean2k), and both she and an old elementary school friend of mine (TPcomplord) helped me update the site with a more uniform look and some frames. Not long after, I broke up with her, then met my current girlfriend (ScarletVixen), and I couldn't be happier. Just recently, Z-R0E, Akira-san, the Guardian and myself ruined an RPG called "Moon Princess." It was so much fun...And so, that is why I am reviving my site.

Mr. Andy Kaufman's gone wrestling...

Well, that's what I've been up to. I know it hasn't been much, but it's been fun. But...I think it would be appropriate to leave you with this:

Who's side am I really on? Antis, or Moonies? While on the surface it appears that I am an Anti, I have been known for trickery in the past. Should you or shouldn't you take this at face value with me? I mean, couldn't I be playing two roles once again? It would be much easier, since hotmail allows for multiple accounts...

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