Ethan: Hello and welcome to Jurai arena! I am your host Ethan Crane, and with me as always is Wellington James! Today we have a monumental handicap match:

Double O


The Sailor Senshi and Tuxuedo Kamen

Ethan: This should prove to be a monumental Fight!

Double O: I'll probably win.

Ethan: Well, Welling... Wait, DOUBLE O!!!

Double O: Glad to be here.

Ethan: Where's Wellington?

Double O: He was staked.

Ethan: Eh... well here come our fighters.

( Moonlight legend plays. The Senshi and Kamen enter)

Ethan: And here comes the Sailor Senshi! Double O, what are you doing?

Double O: Praying that God shows no mercy on their pitiful souls.

(Rhythm Emotion plays. Double O enters)

Ethan: And here comes Double O! He looks really pissed!

Double O: Ginley must have been chopping me in the neck again.

Ethan: Well the bell has been rung and the match starts.

Double O: Moon waists no time by throwing her tiara, which shatters when it hits my armour.

Ethan: Mars uses her matchbook attack, and Mercury uses ice cube throw. They cancel each other out.

Double O: And now...SEPHIROTH SLASH!

Ethan: Well...OH MY GOD! 100 SEPHIROTHS! =0

Double O: Only Saturn and I are left.

Sailor Saturn: You failed! I'll resurrect them all!

( Saturn resurrects them all. Uranus and Neptune start making out.)

Sailor Moon: Now...GIANT HEART LESBIAN ATTACK!!!!!!!

Double O: *laughing* And Moon sends a giant heart at me, but I bounce it back to Uranus and Neptune, killing those two dykes instantly.

Sailor Saturn: HA! resssssuuuurrrrr...OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Sailor Saturn slumps down with a hole in the back of her head. She finishes saying OW and dies.)

Ethan: And someone shot Sailor Saturn in the back of the head. Again.

Double O: It was Solid Snake!...Again. Now...K.O.KAN....TIMES INFINITY!!!!

Ethan: And now Double O has become infinite times stronger.

Double O: FInally, Multi-universal Spirit Bomb!!!!!!!

Ethan: Well, Kamen tries his rose throw to save everyone's ass, and it nails Double O in the chest!

Double O: And it gets absorbed into my body. Stupid Kamen.

Tuxedo Kamen: Oh, Sh-

( Kamen gets cut off as the bomb goes off. Dust fills the stadium.)

Ethan: I can't see any... wait, I see a figure... IT'S DOUBLE O!!!!!!!!

Double O: I told you I'd win.

Ethan: Well there's no doubt that, with no soldier remaning, your winner is...


Ethan: >_< FUCK!

Double O: Except you, Ethan.

Your Winner:

DOUBLE O!!!!!!!

You are now listening to Rhythm Emotion from Gundam Wing: Endless Duel.