Ethan: Hello, and welcome to Jurai Arena, the former arena of Sailor Callisto! Today's fight is a solo outing done by the Guardian. Enjoy!

Our current contestants are:

The Guardian


Tuxedo Kamen

The Guardian: ::PsiWarp Blades powered up::

Tuxedo Kamen: i wouldnt do that if i were you

The Guardian: Whatever, Rosethrower.

Tuxedo Kamen: ::throws a barrage of razor roses and hits him in the right shoulder::

The Guardian: ::Roses bounce off Xenotronium armor::

The Guardian: ::Pulls out blaster and shoots off Mask's hat:

Tuxedo Kamen: hey that was my favorite hat bud now your gonna pay for that

The Guardian: ::Uses Psionics to make a tree fall, startling everyone::

Tuxedo Kamen: sprints at him and lunges forward "mystic cane slash!" and slices him with cane

The Guardian: ::Ow. Minor damage::

The Guardian: ::Laser Rifle hits Mask in the stomach::

Tuxedo Kamen: only a...aggghhhh...coward. must use a gun...uhh

The Guardian: Only an idiot would use a rose.

The Guardian: ::Charges with PsiWarp Blades at Tux:: ::Mask is weak::

::Final Slash::

The Guardian: Takes Tux's hat as proof of victory.

The Guardian: Boo-yah.......Another victory for the AGN::

Your Winner:
The Guardian!!!!

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