Ethan: Hello, and welcome to Jurai Arena, the former arena of Sailor Callisto! I am Ethan Crane, and with me today is AE's own Wellington James. We've got a great fight for you nice people out there today, *cough*wankers*cough*, and here it is!

Our current contestants are:

Solid Snake


Sailor Saturn

Wellington: Now, some people out there would say that Saturn definitely has the advantage over Solid Snake. After all, she's powerful enough to command life and death with a mere thought, and she can see the future. BUT what most people don't take into account is her inexperience. She's only a child, whereas Snake is a proffessional.

Ethan: I'd have to agree with you on that one. Saturn maybe powerful, but Snake has been through worse, I would imagine.

*Saturn's music plays*

Wellington: Here comes the little lady now. You've got to hand it to her...she's certainly got guts.

Ethan: Yeah, and judging by what I've heard about Snake, they'll no doubt be splattered all throughout this arena.

*Snake's theme plays*

Ethan: And here he...

Wellington: Where is he?

Ethan: I don't know. that...*squints* Who's that entering the ring? He looks like...

Wellington: OTACON?!

Ethan: Quick!! Get a mic on him!!


Ethan: Good God!!! Otacon has just hit Saturn and now he's running away!!!

Wellington: He'd better run...she'll tear him apart!

Saturn: O_O BAKA!!! >_<

Ethan: Do we have a camera on Otacon!?!?! GET A CAMERA ON OTACON!!!!

Wellington: There we go...oh, wonderful. Otacon tripped, and here comes Saturn!

Ethan: And Otacon just wet himself. Great.

Wellington: I would too if I was stuck in a storage room with a pissed off Sailor Saturn! Uh oh...she looks like she's ready to kill him...and--


Ethan: ...Saturn drops to her knees, and falls right on Otacon! What the hell just happened?!?!

Wellington: It looks like she's bleeding from the back of the head...wait! Is that cardboard box moving?

Ethan: Oh good Lord! Snake was in the box with a sniper rifle, and Otacon was just the diversion!

Wellington: I bet she didn't see that coming! LOL I'd hate to be Otacon right now...

Ethan: I think he just wet himself again...and that's our que to go.

Your Winner:

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