Adventures on IRC

Hello, and welcome to this, a new page. Now, many of you are probably wondering what the hell this is.

I'm going to say this the nicest way I can: Moonies are bitches. Flat out. They are prejudiced SOBs who can't take the opinions of others (if it differs from theirs, that is).

I can hear you guys right now. "But, Ethan, Sailor Moon stands for love and justice and her followers stand for the same thing! They can't possibly be that bad!" Trust me, they are, and I have proof.

Here is a single screen shot from a short-lived adventure into the depths of the roach-infested parasite known as IRC. In short, this place sucks. The people are assholes (even bigger assholes than Z-R0E!) and they just piss me off.

Guardian is HappyASM2, by the way.

Now I ask you this, Moonies. If you're so dedicated to justice and love, why are you such cold pieces of trash? I mean, you're good for nothing. All you do is take up my space and breath my air. I could put a perfectly good broom in the space you take up. Damn, you guys are stupid.

You are now listening to Maverick Battle from Mega Man X4.