Sailor Moon and the Necronomicon?

That's right! Sailor Moon endorses the book of ultimate evil, but what is the Necronomicon, really?

The Al Azif, or Necronomicon as it is commonly referred to, was written by Abdul Alhazred in 730 at Damascus. Abdul was a poet who was deemed mad by most of the townspeople due to his reclusiveness and opium addiction. He wrote the book after a series of dreams and hallucinations that he thought was his trip to another realm. The funniest thing is that these might not have been hallucinations, since there is documented eye-witnessed proof that he was eaten alive by an invisible creature in the center of a town marketplace. Since that time, the Necronomicon has been a book of legend until a man named Simon translated and released the Necronomicon to the public. The book, popularized by black magician Aleistar Crowley and writer H.P. Lovecraft, has had a reputation of evil.

Now on to the pictures.

Here, we have the Inner Senshi, enjoying themselves. On the surface, it looks like a fairly innocent picture. However, upon closer inspection...

Part 1: The Acolyte Sign

The Acolytes are the servants of the Great Old One Cthulhu, a creature miles high, with the head of a squid, the body of a man, the scales of an alligator, and the wings of a bat. Their symbol is shown in this picture. Does this mean that the Senshi serve the great Cthulhu, eater of men?

Part 2: The Sign of Voor

Notice Sailor Moon's hands...they are positioned in such a way that they can generate negative energy and control the minds of men. This position is known as the Sign of Voor, and it can unlock all barriers, including the human mind.

Part 3: Sigils

These symbols are known as Sigils, or Runes that are charged with dark power. These, too, are in the Necronomicon, as well as the book of black magic known as the Picatrix.

Part 4: Alchemy

Alchemy has always had the connotation of evil. These symbols are alchemical in origin, and really have nothing to do with the Necronomicon, but I thought I should put this up anyway.

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