Hall of Fame: Dave's Page

To honor Dave, the man who has lighted our way...

This is an area set aside to honor the former leader of the ASMDA, as well as fallen ASM leaders. Dave, if you're out there, I just want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue your fight to make the world a better place.


Dave the Assassin
He was probably the most influential leader in the battle against the blonde demon.
This will be a place to honor other fallen leaders and web sites, sort of like a memorial wall.

James Bond
This probably wasn't the real James Bond (duh), but he had a great site. It really pissed off a lot of moonies!

He got involved with some clan that wound up double crossing him. Unfortunate, really.

He was a genius when it came to making Sailor Moon look bad.

He was a sound clip producer, and a good one at that. It is unfortunate that he was taken down...

Staryu and Goldine
These two had a knack for aggrevating Moonies. It was a great page while it was up...

Luke of the ISM
He was one of the original founders of the ISM. I don't know where he went...

KOS: Kill Our Scouts
The name was great, but the participation was not.

Some Dude
Yes, that was his name. He had a small page, but it was very funny.

He gave reasons as to why Sailor Moon should die. Nice page, actually.

He, like Bane, was a very influential character. He created the page "TO GET RID OF THAT PATHETIC SAILOR MOON AND HER PESKY SCOUTS!"

Lion Jeter, Lona, and Nightstalker
These three were close personal friends of ours. Lion left because of his nerves (the war was getting to him), and Lona and Nightstalker left because Lion did. They helped to run NSE (in fact, Lion was the leader of NSE).

This page will be updated every time we hear about a leader that has fallen.

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