ICQ History Log For: 11945591 Alex
On Wed Aug 25 12:09:56 1999

Alex 8/25/99 12:10 PM Hi

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:27 PM *smiles*

Alex 8/25/99 12:27 PM: ^_^ *kotc*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:28 PM *kisses you gentally on the lips*

Alex 8/25/99 12:29 PM *Kisses her back, gently carressing her shoulders and back with his hands.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:29 PM *makes the kiss a bit more passionate*

Alex 8/25/99 12:30 PM *Sucks gently on her tongue and carresses her cheek.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:31 PM *after the kiss, she smiles* do you wanna do it again?

Alex 8/25/99 12:32 PM: *Looks into her eyes.* If you want to...

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:32 PM: okay *grins*

Alex 8/25/99 12:33 PM: *Smiles and pulls off his shirt.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:33 PM: *starts to unbutton her shirt and undos her shorts*

Alex 8/25/99 12:34 PM: *Slides off his pants and kisses her softly on the lips.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:34 PM: *takes off her panties and lays down on the bed*

Alex 8/25/99 12:35 PM: *Slides off his briefs and lays next to her, kissing her softly on the mouth.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:36 PM: *gets on top of you him and starts kissing your neck*

Alex 8/25/99 12:36 PM: *Gently rubs his hardened cock against her waist.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:37 PM: *kisses you down to your naval and then puts your cock into her mouth*

Alex 8/25/99 12:38 PM: *Sighs and runs his fingers through her hair.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:39 PM: *starts licking your cock like a popcicle*

Alex 8/25/99 12:40 PM: *Looks down at her and smiles.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:40 PM: *starts to suck on it*

Alex 8/25/99 12:41 PM: *Sighs* Don't... I have someplace better for it.

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:42 PM: *grins* where?

Alex 8/25/99 12:43 PM: *Lays her on her back and pushes his fingers into her cunt.* Here.

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:44 PM: *grins* mmmm...yes

Alex 8/25/99 12:45 PM: *Kisses her on the lips and slides himself between her legs.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:46 PM: *looks down at him, knowing that she's in for more pleasure*

Alex 8/25/99 12:48 PM: *Kisses her on the lips and gently pushes the head of his cock into her.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:51 PM: *feels the muscles in her pussy tense and she starts to moan slightly*

Alex 8/25/99 12:52 PM: *Grips her breasts as he pushes into her, inch by inch.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:53 PM: *leans her head back and lets out some loud moans*

Alex 8/25/99 12:53 PM: *Pushes himself in all of the way and holds himself inside of her.* How is it?

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:57 PM: *moans louder as she feels like she's gonna cum*

Alex 8/25/99 12:57 PM: *Rams himself harder.* Keep pushing into yourself. Try for multiple orgasms.

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 12:58 PM: okay.

Alex 8/25/99 12:59 PM: *Wraps her legs around him, tightening her muscles as he pushes into her cunt.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:01 PM: *the pleasure gets unbearable and she lets out a little scream*

Alex 8/25/99 1:02 PM: *Smiles as he feels her orgasm around him.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:03 PM: *starts cumming and grips the bed sheet*

Alex 8/25/99 1:03 PM: *Smiles and thrusts harder into her.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:05 PM: *feels her cum drip out of her and grips the sheets till her knuckles are white*

Alex 8/25/99 1:06 PM: *Pushes deeper into her, trying to make her orgasm last longer or make her have another one.

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:08 PM: *starts to hyperventalate and moves her hand down to her clit and starts fingering*

Alex 8/25/99 1:09 PM: *Rams himself deep into her.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:10 PM: *fingers her clit hard and almosts starts screaming*

Alex 8/25/99 1:10 PM: *French kisses her and rams himself hard into her.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:12 PM: *feels sweat roll off of her and she starts to cum again*

Alex 8/25/99 1:13 PM: *Thrusts in and keeps ramming himself against her G-spot.*

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:15 PM: *keeps on fingering herself and grabs her tits*

Alex 8/25/99 1:15 PM: K...keep going... *Frenches her.*

Alex 8/25/99 1:21 PM: *Kisses her softly on the lips.* How was your orgasm?

Chibi Chibi 8/25/99 1:21 PM: really good

Alex 8/25/99 1:21 PM: *Smiles and frenches her.* Good. ^-^

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