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This is where I showcase the games that I think kick ass. This month's game is:


And now here's a review of the game from those fine people at "The Bionic Commando HQ":

Sometime in the 1980's, documents from the Badds are discovered. The documents outline a secret military project devised by the now defunct Badds. This secret project known as the ALBATROSS was never realized; however, the Imperial Forces (bad guys) have gotten their grubby paws on the documents and have decided to implement the plans themselves. After many fruitless attempts, the Imperial Force researchers realize that the person with the key knowledge to successfully implement the ALBATROSS has been dead for some time. It is here that the plot thickens...

The Federation (good guys) finds out about this dastardly plan and decides to put a stop to it. Rather than risk all out war, the Federation decides to send in its best soldier to infiltrate the enemy's base and thwart their attempts to make the ALBATROSS a reality. This soldier is known as Super Joe. Unfortunately, contact with Super Joe is lost, and things begin to look bleak for the Federation. There is only one hope... There is one soldier with an experimental bionic arm who is sent out to rescue Super Joe as a last resort. This is where the game begins...

It is here that I would like to point out that the Gameboy version has a more coherent and fleshed out plot than the NES version. Although the object of the Gameboy version is to rescue Super Joe, your character has a different name, and the plot is less sketchy than the NES version. However, the basic idea is the same. Do note that the Gameboy version makes no reference to any historical groups or persons unlike the NES version. Although this shouldn't make much of a difference, this discrepancy actually makes the Gameboy version's plot seem much less interesting and believable despite its better development.

BTW, the game itself is worth this shot near the end:

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