Anti Sailor Moon Filez


Here you will find various ANTI Sailor Moon filez. This will be updated with all kinds of cool stuff. Like I might do an Anti Sailor Moon Doom patch, and other cool shit. Be sure to check this page frequently!

Yo Mammy's Sailor Moon Party, 0.97 MB
This is one of the stupidest guys I've ever heard on the face of this planet. Believe it or not, this guy was actually a Moonie fan! He was at some sort of Sailor Moon Christmas party. They got all drunk and partied the whole night. The next morning this guy tried to break in to an apartment and sleep in it. Well, you have to hear it to believe it. This sound proves Sailor Moon fans are complete idiots.

Krusty's opinion on Sailor Moon
Here's what Krusty The Clown said after he watched Sailor Moon.


Shoot Sailor Moon Game
The game where you can shoot Sailor Moon! Requires windows 3.1, windows 95 is recommended.

Anti Sailor Moon theme Song
The IMPROVED ISM Theme Song! In WAV format. RA format available on the main page.

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