The TV stations are America are sick of it! The SOS has flooded their stations with artificially made "fan-mail" TV companies are being forced to put this un-profitable 4 year old Japanese Animes in the slots that were going to be used for wonderful new cartoons. Sailor Moon is ruining American Television, and It has to be stopped! We at the ISM are proud of the hard working American Media specialists and television broadcasters, and we feel bad that they are being destroyed by flooding mail from the SOS's treacherous campaign. How do I know? I've contacted a lot of Television stations across the United States, and they say they have been getting almost 100 of these fan "bombs" every day. Some have even said that they have to put the show back up, to stop the mass mail. They said putting this show back up on the air could cost them up to a half million dollars. Obsessed SOS people are stepping all over our media system, and it's gotta stop now. The SOS has also sent harassment mail to our media stations, saying things like "Put Sailor Moon back on or i'll punish you!!!" You all might think i'm mean for doing this, but I'm trying to save our media, and all you followers of the SOS are trying to ruin it.

To all the TV broadcasters that view this site: We know how you feel, and we're sticking up for you. Keep up the good work, we at the ISM will find a way to stop the SOS's rampage through our media system.

To all you from the SOS: Stop the mass mailings, and give our media a break! Without knowledge, you are putting a huge expensive dent in them, and stop the harassment letters! Don't tell me your not harassing them...I've seen the pages, you print them out, and send them to your media system, and they are full of lies and harassment, and many threats. Then there's an engine where you click on your state, click on the fan letter you want, and it prints it out and you send it. That is "artificial fan mail" and it's killing our media. Stop it before it's too late.


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