The 5 Types of Sailor Moon Fans, as said by Toad's Anti Sailor Moon page

If you are offended by this page, you are type number 4 or 5

This is the page we use to identify Sailor Moon fans.  We can use these to classify attacks on the ISM easilly, and can write their obsession level near them on our SM Mail pages.  Very ideal method invented by Toad

1. "Regular Sailor Moon Watcher" - Likes to watch Sailor Moon. Will sometimes mail an Anti-Page to say that they think it is funny. My Opinion of them: They like the show. I hate it. I have nothing against them and sometimes enjoy an e-mail that has substantial merit on how my page could improve.

2. "Moonie" - Really likes to watch Sailor Moon. Might make pages about Sailor Moon. Sometimes will tape episodes if they aren't home to watch them. Will sometimes mail an Anti-Page to say that they think it is funny. My Opinion: I also made a page based on Sailor Moon. They like a show and make a page on it. They have freedom of speech and I don't condemn them for it.

3. "Slightly Obsessed Fan" - If they have internet capabilities, they will make a Sailor Moon page. Will more than likely tape episode they will miss. If they see an Anti-Moon site, they might mail a message that says they disagree. My Opinion: Their mail range from interesting to anoying.

4. "Obsessed Fan" - Same as #3 however very vindictive. Will be very contradictory in mail messages. Almost always threatening or profane. Takes attacks on Sailor Moon very personally. My Opinion: These people need to GET A LIFE! If I insulted them I wouldn't be surprised by their vicious e-mails but I attacked a SHOW. The people that have basis to attack me are people who made the show.

5. "Psychotic Fan" - Same as #4 but a whole lot scarier. They make Anti-Anti-Moon sites. They put multiple angry messages in Anti-Moonies' guest books. Flames, E-mail bombs, threats, nothing is too low. I've received DEATH THREATS over this stupid show. Is it that important? They act like victims of Anti-Moon sites but I have never heard of Anti-Moonies mailing threatening letters to Moonies. (Pre-reply- I can assure any Moonie that I have received more hate mail than you will ever get) Many times these people are racist against Americans and attack American culture. My Opinion: I'm sick of their e-mails and I think my definition of them clearly states my opinion of them.

If your number 3-5 on this list, visit the Lunacy page to learn how you can break the addiction!