Disguisting. Sick. If you think of these things while your watching Sailor
Moon, chances are you dislike Sailor Moon. And now with the power of American television
standards and the Internet, you can stop Sailor Moon from running a mock on our television

Well your not alone. According to various sources, there are up to 100 Anti Sailor Moon pages, and
thousands of personal voices that also hate it.

Then where are they?

The sad truth is knowone's ever put an effort in to link these people and pages together. So piles and
piles of these Junkie Moonies would attack individuals.


The Days of Moonies ganging up on us are over. The ISM campaign bringing together these people
to create an overall advantage over those Moonies.

Whats in the ISM?

1. The worlds largest Anti Sailor Moon Links page. If you have an Anti Sailor Moon page, send me
the link, and we'll form together a huge links page, and proove to those moonies how many people
HATE Sailor Moon.

2. The ISM Mailing List. This is a list that will regularly send out ISM news, Sailor Moon
movements, and other ISM based stuff. The only person on the planet that will ever know this list is
me. Your email address is away from those mail bomb happy Moonies.

3. Backup support. Need something for your page? A moonie harassing you? Just tell me what it is,
and i'll send out my newly formed ISM task force to help you out with it. Hey your worth it!


Simple.  Just send an e-mail to us with the subject "ISM sign up" and together we'll end this Sailor Moon maddness!

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