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MISSION STATEMENT: To stop the broadcasting of senseless shows like Sailor Moon!

This is the "home page" of all the ISM pages.  Here you will find links and information about the Newly updated ISM campaign, and how you can join us!  Please keep in mind that you don't need to be a member to add an Anti Sailor Moon page.  However, you need an email account to join our ISM Mailing List.  Makes sense right? ;)


The SOS won't quit

There original goal was to get the 17 episodes and keep the original ones on the air. Now I go there again, they want all 200 episodes, and the movies! My question is, when will it end?!?! And there still using their dangerous and demanding tactics to get their way. Just visit the SOS page and you'll understand what i'm saying. SOS doesn't run US Television, and that is what the ISM wants to point out to them.

Consider the Sailor Moon Movie a goner

There have been no real updates on the status of the Sailor Moon movie plotted by Disney, and I personally don't beleive there will be a Sailor Moon movie.

We're lying, eh?? (also some 2 cents on cable tv, and information on ISM's involvement with tv stations)

I got a recent message from someone telling me that the SOS was nice, and that the SOS printing out pre-written messages was a lie made by the ISM to make the SOS look bad.  Trust me, we don't lie!  To be convenient I have provided the link to the very place where they have the printouts.  Click here to go to it.
Hey, you might even be as shocked as we were when we saw it!  Heck, I could print/copy 40 of these things and send them to a tv station near me, and they would think it was from diffrent addresses.  Or maybe I could swap them around at school, or stamp them on posters outside the stations.  The point?  These "pre-made flyers" make harassing your local tv station way too easy, and eliminate the point of having a pro SM campaign alltogether.  I wouldn't mind if you booted up your word processor and wrote what you think about the show, and send one copy to them.  But, this demonstation of total laziness makes me question SOS's motives, and I hope the SOS will realize just how badly they've been working with local tv stations.

When I read one of these "pre made flyers" one of them had a half page on how some people couldn't afford cable, it was expensive, ect.
Let me assure you on this, your paying much more for internet access than you would for a cable subscription.  I see commercials every day that sponser cable tv installation for 10 bucks, and a 3 month free subscription, with 15-20 dollar monthly fees afterwards.  Plus, you get access to the channels that frequently play Anime (Sci-Fi)
Lets just say this, you have to be real poor to not afford cable television (and I question how you got the computer your on)

It has also been said that the ISM tries to cancel Sailor Moon by sending messages warning against the show.

The ISM has not made any attempt to contact television stations in meaning to remove the show off the air, and are not planning to.  The ISM will not sink down to the level of the SOS by "spamming" these fine broadcasters into removing the show.  We're not that kind of people, despite how evil you think we are.  Trust me, i've got hurt more from doing this than you will.

It's your turn!!

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