Boba Fett is the deadliest and most mysterious bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. He was once a moral "journeyman protector" named Jaster Mereel on the world of Concord Down. He was exiled from that world when he killed a corrupt "protector". Boba Fett has worked as a mercenary, soldier, personal guard, assasin, and bounty hunter since the Clone Wars. Fett has modified his fearsome Mandalorian supercommando armor to become a walking arsenal. He has stocked the armor with advanced blaster rifles, poisonous darts, and much, much more. Fett is a relentless, ruthless bounty hunter, the most feared in the galaxy. He has worked for numerous crime lords, such as Jabba the Hutt, and for the Imperials. After Fett turned Han Solo over to Jabba, Solo's friends rescued him in a daring battle at the Pit of Carkoon. During this battle, Fett rocketed into the Sarlacc. It was thought that Fett had met his demise until the anthology "Tales of the Bounty Hunters". This anthology documented Fett's escape from the Sarlaac and some of his numerous encounters with his prey. Boba Fett is currently alive and well in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Fett's Armor

Boba Fett wears a weapon-covered armored spacesuit similar to those worn by a group of warriors from the Mandalore system, who were defeated by the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars. The armor contains a macrobinocular viewplate with 360 degbree field of view, infrared scope, sensor array, and microcomputer. It serves as protection and is loaded with built-in weapons and hidden devices. The most obvious include wrist lasers, rocket darts, miniature flame throwers, and concussion grenade launchers. Several Wookiee scalps hang from his shoulder as evidence of his deadly abilities.

Stats on the Slave I, Fett's first ship.

Model: Sublight Patrol and Attack Craft
Crew: One
Passengers: Six
Length: 21.5 meters
Cargo Capacity: 40 metric tons
Weapons: Two Twin-mounted Blaster Cannons, Concussion Missile Tube launcher, Ion Cannon, Tractor Beam Projector, Two Proton Torpedo Launchers

The Slave I is a Kuat Systems Engineering limited production, high speed Firespray craft. It has tremendous sublight speed capabilities and a Class One hyperdrive. It's magnetically polarized hull allows it to pick up electronic signals and pulses in a large range. It also shields the ship from sensor scans. The ship has reinforced plating and contact ray shielding. The cargo hold has been converted into a smuggling hold for prisoners and illegal cargo. The Slave I is electronically linked to Fett's helmet.

The Slave II

This is Boba Fett's new ship. He has owned it since his time in the Pit of Carkoon. It is a Mandal Motors Pursuer Enforcement ship.

The Silver Speeder

The Silver Speeder was the name of the sleek racing landspeeder once owned by Boba Fett. It was loaded with cutting lasers, magnetic harpoons, and a chainsaw shredder.


The droid BL-17 looks similar to C-3PO. He was owned by Fett during the early days of the Empire. It is not known if Fett still has possession of him. The droid has the same olive-drab and yellow coloration as Fett's armor and carries a rectangular blaster.

Jodo Kast

Jodo Kast is a bounty hunter who wears the same armor as Boba Fett, and is often mistaken for him. It is unknown if the two have some connection dating back to the Mandalore warriors of the Clone Wars, or if they just picked up the same armor. Kast often works with an alien named Puggles Trodd and a female named Zardra.

The man behind the mask: Jeremy Bulloch

Books written about/with Boba Fett:

The Mandalorian Armor
Tales from the Empire
Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Tales from Jabba's Palace

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