All Fans CAN Character Bash!

Welcome to the AFCCB Headquarters, the elite team from all corners of the universe. AFCCB stands for "All Fans Can Character Bash". Our mission is to oppose (sort of) those of ASPIRE and to promote the freedom of opinion among fans of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. This organization is very new, so we don't yet have many members.

Sailor Mercury
ASPIRE stands for "Any Sailormoon Person is Rightfully Extraordinary". Now, if any fan is extraordinary, why take away our freedom of choice? We should be able to like/dislike any character they want. And we should be allowed to say why. I doubt Takeuchi-sama would mind if we all have our own opinions, even if they include bashing. To read more on why we oppose (sort of) ASPIRE, read our purpose page.

Later on, when we have more members, this organization will hold debates about certain characters. Members will get a chance to bash or defend in essay form, depending upon which side they take. We will also hold chats (when we get a chat room, that is). Please do not flame us. Flames will be ignored because they're pointless and usually unintelligent. And if you're going to flame, flame the president and NOT the other members.

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This page was created by Meeshy, the president. Please do not copy the organization logo; but the backgrounds are free for the taking. We of the AFCCB claim no rights to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. The series was originally created by esteemed manga artist Takeuchi Naoko (that's her in the pic), and all rights belong to her, Toei Animation, DiC, Bandai, and many other corporations.
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