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Sera-Myu Files

Here's where I'll be putting all my miscellaneous files of or about the Sailormoon Musicals. Song lyrics, songs, myself singing the songs...not too much is here yet, but take a look around anyways.

English Versions of Sera-Myu Songs

I took translations of a few of the songs and changed them around to fit the music, but still kept the same basic meaning of the song.

I Miss You

Usagi: No matter what I do, inside, my heart can only know
The reason that I love you so
I miss you
More than just playing back in those childish days
Our love was always growing then because I was with you

Both: With the prayers within my heart, so deeply down inside
There are things I can't tell you, though I wish I might

Usagi: There are times when love can cause such loneliness inside
You must know I can't grow up, though try really hard I might
Don't leave me alone anymore

Seiya: Although I know that I can't replace him
I promise that I'll always be by your side
Through battles I'll fight, and I know, forever
That you, I will protect

Usagi: There are times when love can cause such deep-set pain inside

Seiya: Knowing that, can you feel why I still love you so?
Now I feel alone, close to you*

Usagi: Don't leave me alone anymore*


To A Brand New World

Just as a place of shining light can fall into shadow
Things that have life will surely die in this world that we all know
But don't be sad, my lonely friend
To be born whole is all that you need
Even your love will stay with you in a world, a world far away

Brand New World
Brand New World

A new world for you and me
I devote my love and life to keeping it safe here

I am Saturn
Of destruction, Saturn
Of life, Saturn

Meeshy's Sera-Myu Imitations

Yup, it's me singing the Sera-Myu songs. Scary, ne?

To A Brand New World-a clip of me singing part of Saturn's Eien Densetsu song

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