Sailor Uranus's Profile....My Style...

               R=Real        MG= My Given
   RName:                      Haruka Tenou       
   MGName:                      Weird Mix
   RAge:                        Around 22
   MGAge:                           18
   RHair Colour:                   Brown
   MGHair Colour:                Diarrhoea 
   RHeight:                           5'9
   MGHeight:                          6'2
   RFavourite Food:             Vegetable dishes
   MGFavourite Food:                 Raw Meat
   RPersonality:                Charming, sweep me off the floor kind.
   MGPersonality:               Miss know it all, rude and very irritating 
                                at times.

What you should know...

   {Personally i haven't any problems to gay people, my two best friends
   are gay, so cluck off oyu chicken or read on}
   1. She's Gay.
   2. She hasn't mad up her mind to wheather or not she's a guy or girl.
   3. She rides a motocycle and acts though, but with one stare from
      Sailor Uranus, she turns red and runs....chicken.
   4. She dresses like a guy, but is pictured as a perfect woman...
   [something's wong here...]
   5. She is liked by mostly gay people.
   6. She flirts with so many people.
   7. She changes her mind like a girl.
   8. She thinks like a girl, but wants to be thought of as a guy.
   9. She needs Neptune to save her almost eveytime.
   10. She is as useless as the other scouts on a bad voice day....
                       Uranus is mucus
                      Reenie is a Weenie
                    Sammy Smells like Hammy
                    Sailor Moon is the Goon
                   Sailor Mercury is...Mercury
                    Sailor Venus is a *****
                   Sailor Mars  the Chocolate Bar
                Sailor Jupiter has became Stupider

How to Kill Sailor Uranus!

   1. Force her to waer long frilly dresses for a month.
   2. Force her to go to a "Lady's Finishing School".
   3. Force her to talk softly, sweetly, and speak only when spoken to.
   4. Put her on a date with a guy.
   5. Make her make out with him.
   6. Forced to go out on another date, with another guy.
   7. Made to cross her leg when she sits down.
   8. Made to be driven and not drive.
   9. Forced to see Sailor Neptune be kissed by Sailor Starmaker.
   10. Made to see Neptune and Sailor Starhealer....****