Jekyll and Hyde

The Plot, Story and tragedy of the new Musical

             The first thing out of my mouth is, GO SEE THE SHOW! It rates
    a 3+ out of my five.And that is normally very good. The show is great,
    the cast, songs and props are the best ever, and not to mention Linda
    Eder and Robert Cuccioli make the best broadway couple.
           I went last year, 1997 in August, and again in 1998,in January.
    In the summber of 97 i saw Linda and Evans, not Robert and Linda, i 
    saw Robert and Linda in Jan.
            The basic plot(can't give everything away ya know) is that,
    Robert is Jeklly and Hyde, talk about a skitsafrinic(fine blame me for
    all the bad spelling), is a doctor who at first sets out for a cure
    for his father whoes in a comma. Instead of finding what he set out
    to find, he finds something else, not saying. He's engaged to Emma.
             But on bachelor night, his friends takes him out to a bar
    and Lucy (linda Eder) sings about "Good N' Evil" and the choices one
    makes through life, i love that song.
              Anyway, Hyde loves Lucy, and Jeklly is attracked to her. 
    Lucy on the other hand is attracted to Hyde's bod and Jeklly's kindnes
              Anyway, alot of people die...hahahahaha...sorry...and one
    beloved character too...nto saying...sniff...sniff...waaaaa!!!!!!

Robert Cuccioli as Jekyll and Hyde and Linda Eder as Lucy

The Cast

        As i have always said and stressed, the extra's are the building
    blocks of the whole musical.And by the word extra i mean that they
    arn't the main characters, their like chorus members, or something.
    Anyway, what i don't like is when the curtains up and they come out
    with only a few soft appluads that fill the ear. I mean they work
    as hard and even harder then the main characters, so why not give them
    the credit they deserve? Anyway they do make up most of the senery and
    the atmosphere in the show.
      SO when you're there at a musical and its the finaly curtain call,
    appluad like mad for the cast and the extras most of all, but if
    that cutie Robert and Linda are there, feel free to do as you please..
                     CAST MEMBER
                    CUCCIOLI, ROBERT
                                                   Jekyll & Hyde
                    EDER, LINDA
                    NOLL, CHRISTIANE
                                                   Emma Carew
                    MERRITT, GEORGE
                    INGHAM, BARRIE
                                                   Sir Danvers
                    EVAN, ROBERT
                                                   Jekyll & Hyde at Wed. & Sat.
                    VAN TREUREN, MARTIN
                                                   Savage, Spider
                    ZACHARIAS, EMILY
                                                   Lady Beaconsfield, Guinevere
                    BLAISDELL, GEOFFREY
                    CHANEY, DAVID
                    DIETRICH, BILL E
                    DuSOLD, ROBERT
                    EGAN, JOHN TREACY
                    GREENE, ERIKA
                    GRODY, DONALD
                    HOCKING, LEAH
                                                   Kate/Lucy Understudy
                    INGRAM, MICHAEL
                    KOCH, DAVID
                                                   Ned; Dance Captain
                    MASTRONE, FRANK
                    McLEOD, RAYMOND JARAMILLO
                    MELANCON, CORRINE
                    OSCAR, BRAD
                    SCHON, BONNIE
                    SPENCER, REBECCA
                                                   Swing/Emma Understudy
                    STEVENS, JODI
                    WALLACE, CHARLES E.
                    YURICH, CARMEN
                    BRICUSSE, LESLIE
                                                   Book, Lyrics
                    WILDHORN, FRANK
                    PHILLIPS, ROBIN
                                                   Director/Scenic Design
                    NOONE, JAMES
                                                   Scenic Designer
                    CURTIS, ANN
                                                   Costume Designer
                    EMMONS, BEVERLY
                                                   Lighting Designer
                    PODDUBIUK, CHRISTINA
                                                   Properties & Set Dressing
                    RICHARDSON, KARL
                                                   Sound Designer
                    STAUFFER, SCOTT
                                                   Sound Designer
                    SCHARNBERG, KIM
                    ROBERTS, JEREMY
                                                   Musical Supervisor/ Electronic Music
                                                   System Design
                    HOWLAND, JASON
                                                   Musical Director/Co-Vocal Arranger
                    MELROSE, RON
                                                   Co-Vocal Arranger
                    PIZZI, JOEY
                    MILLER, JOHN
                                                   Music Coordinator
                    MEEH, GREGORY
                                                   Special Effects Designer
                    HUNTLEY, PAUL
                                                   Wig Design
                    SUDDETH, J. ALLEN
                                                   Fight Coordinator
                    GIBSON, MAUREEN F.
                                                   Production Stage Manager
                    NIKO ASSOCIATES, INC, 
                                                   General Management
                    JULIE HUGHES & BARRY MOSS, 
                    RICHARD KORNBERG &
                                                   Press Representative
                    PACE THEATRICAL GROUP, INC.,
                    FOX THEATRICALS, 
                    FRANKEL, JERRY
                    ENTERTAINMENT, INC, 
                    THE LANDMARK
                    ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, 
                    YOUNG, BILL
                                                   Associate Producer
                    ALLEY THEATRE, 
                    THEATRE UNDER THE STARS, 

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