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Why Sailor Moon Scares ME!!!

   This i got from a hompage made by...well don't exactly know his/her 
   name but it was really good, and so therefore i hereby bring forth to 
   you, meanings and theories from Toad's Anti SailorMoon Page!
         " Why in the world does the Negaverse only attack Tokyo, Japan?
   Even if it has to attack Japan, it could hit someplace so far away the
    Sailor Scout couldn't get their in time to save the day. And to all
    you people who e-mail saying "Well they need the Rainbow Crystals" or 
   "The Crystal Tokyo Points" let me tell you one thing. In the first 
   season when they are collecting ENERGY, there is no requirement that 
   is comes from Japan. HA! Eat that! "
       Hmmm....honestly, don't you think this guy's got a good point? I 
   mean hello? All the episodes, including the Japanese versions and the
   dubbed ones are based in Tokyo, JAPAN!The truth of the matter is......
   the scouts can't handle anything out of their own home town Tokyo!
   HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA..... without their friends, and the cats, the talk
   -ing cats, and of course Darien, the cute, dashing, handsome(to some
   no REAL life girls)and of course macho guy, who must and always saves
   the day. Anyway, i suupose the reason to why the sailor scouts can't
   go to other places to fight and SAVE THE DAY, is simple. The writers
   didn't plan on them going universal.Stupid, unoriginal, religious,
   Sailor Moon and Scouts fans! URhhh you weirdos! MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
    "Why is it none of the extra characters can tell who Sailor Moon is? 
   She's wearing a tiara over her forehead. Big disguise. I am sick of
    getting e-mails from people about Super Man and Batman. Yes!! You 
   are right! Their disguises are worth an ice cube in Alaska either!! "
                 Well, you see, i think it all goes into the imagination.
   Hello!? UNless you're five years of age, i think ANY ten year old and
   above would understand!......hehehe...can't really expalin....shessh
   you mean you actually need a reason?isn't it clear enough that she's
   suppose to be another character once she puts that stupid thing on?
   I think she thinks its pretty...yuck!
    "And in the manga Rei says "With my high heels, I'll punish you!", 
   something about that just doesn't sound right. "
          Hehehehe.....isn't that perverted? "with my high heels, I'll
   punish you!!!".....???.....damn girl, either your hormones are that of
   and ape in the heat, or you're just plain KINKY!
     "I don't know about you but I sure don't want Serena ruling the
   Universe. "
        Sense at last! Thank GOD! someone said that before i did, i mean
   i know alot of you moonie fans would love the idea of that cute Darien
   guy as your King and Serena as your Queen. Their love and warmth would
   be all that you needed. There'd be alot of needs and crying going on
   at the palace, but you moonies, (pathetic ones) will be so please you
   woldn't mind. There'd be many shortages of food, and the bare 
   nescasities of your daily lives. Many fights and many, did i say many?
   many anonying nights....i don't think that' made sense, but whatever!
       "Darein is 20 something years old (yes I know he's younger in the 
   manga so don't e-mail me saying that).Serena is 14-15. Isn't their 
   relationship illegal? I know in America this is classified as seducing 
   a minor. "
          Not to mention illegal, and it puts him in a jail bait position
   get my drift?all you weirdo girls out there under the age of 18..

What's Wrong, Technickly?

        First of all, their suppose to ba character's based in Japan,with
   Japanese names right? I'm talking about the Japanese series you nit
   wit, and no i'm not complementing you on how good you've tried to 
   become Serena! But alot of stuff written here is similar to what's in
   the American version.
        Arn't they suppose to look a bit more like Japanese do? I mean
   all of them look like American's, born in Japan, and i'm not going to
   expect any hate mail saying, "well, i think they were bron in Japan." they weren't Hello!?
        As i went from anti homepage to anti hompage, another thing came
   to mind, her powers. (this i got from a anti hompage, i forgot which 
   one, but thank you *wink*)Anyway, the theme song has a line that goes,
   "with secret powers all so new to her...she is the one called sailor
   moon"Its more like, "with secret powers she can't understand and 
   figure out, she is the one called the DITZ!!!" blond bimbo. I mean
   i can' understand if for the few episodes that they use it, but not
   after that, i mean even at the end of the season, when she died, when
   she was a super sailor crap, they stilled played it, sheeshh, does
   this mean she's still a child? and cry baby?and a whinner?
    Hey....kewl....yeah babie, baby, baby! hahahahahahaaha
                  " During the first episode, Luna kept on saying to 
   Serena, "It is your destiny. Look within yourself". That was such a 
   rip-off that I kept on expecting Luna to then say, "Serena, I am your
    father," and then for Serena to throw herself off the ledge. Oh, and 
   Serena's a princess with a really stupid haircut. Gee, what other 
   movie has a princess with a really stupid haircut?Hmm, let me think..
   . Hey, the show even has a character called "Jedi"!"
           I don't even want to say anything....hahahahahahahahaha
             Oh to end this line.....why are they called sailors?Do they 
   fight at sea?let me refrain that, do they have a boat?do they always
   fight at sea? HAHAHAHAHAHA>.......gotcha you little perverts ahhahahah

   This i also got from Toad, hmmm cute name, funky but cute....TOAD!!
   1. "Regular Sailor Moon Watcher" - Likes to watch Sailor Moon. Will sometimes mail an
   Anti-Page to say that they think it is funny. My Opinion of them: They like the show. I hate
   it. I have nothing against them and sometimes enjoy an e-mail that has substantial merit on
   how my page could improve.
   2. "Moonie" - Really likes to watch Sailor Moon. Might make pages about Sailor Moon.
   Sometimes will tape episodes if they aren't home to watch them. Will sometimes mail an
   Anti-Page to say that they think it is funny. My Opinion: I also made a page based on
   Sailor Moon. They like a show and make a page on it. They have freedom of speech and I
   don't condemn them for it.
   3. "Slightly Obsessed Fan" - If they have internet capabilities, they will make a Sailor
   Moon page. Will more than likely tape episode they will miss. If they see an Anti-Moon
   site, they might mail a message that says they disagree. My Opinion: Their mail range
   from interesting to anoying.
   4. "Obsessed Fan" - Same as #3 however very vindictive. Will be very contradictory in
   mail messages. Almost always threatening or profane. Takes attacks on Sailor Moon very
   personally. My Opinion: These people need to GET A LIFE! If I insulted them I wouldn't
   be surprised by their vicious e-mails but I attacked a SHOW. The people that have basis to
   attack me are people who made the show.
   5. "Psychotic Fan" - Same as #4 but a whole lot scarier. They make Anti-Anti-Moon sites.
   They put multiple angry messages in Anti-Moonies' guest books. Flames, E-mail bombs,
   threats, nothing is too low. I've received DEATH THREATS over this stupid show. Is it
   that important? They act like victims of Anti-Moon sites but I have never heard of
   Anti-Moonies mailing threatening letters to Moonies. (Pre-reply- I can assure any Moonie
   that I have received more hate mail than you will ever get) Many times these people are
   racist against Americans and attack American culture. My Opinion: I'm sick of their
   e-mails and I think my definition of them clearly states my opinion of them.

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