Sailor Moon's style...

             R= Real               MG= My Given
   RName:                   Usagi Tuskino  
   MGName:                  Blond Ditz
   RAge:                    14
   MGAge:                   09
   Hair Color:              Dark Blond
   MGHair Color:            Bright Blond
   Height:                  5'3
   MGHeight:                1'5
   Favourite Food:          Anything
   MGFavourite Food:        Alklein, Hydro Cloride, lots of Regu
   Personality:             Cry Baby, Whinner, Baby, Stupid, Ditzy,Weird,
                            Anerexic, Fat,High Iritating Voice, Bitchy,
                            Annoying, Cheeky, Pathetic, Freaky, Strange,
   MGPersonality:           .....a....a.....^look up said
                            everything i was going to say...

Somethings you should know

   She's a greedy little evil by moonlight,
   who pretends to be an inoccent dove by daylight, 
   she breaks down and cries if there's a real fight,
   she is stupid,
   she's Sailor Moon! 
   For a buck she'll turn her back on a friend,
   if you pay her good,
   she might defend!
   You're in trouble if she's the one on whom you de-pend,
   she is the stupid Sailor Moon! 

    Reenie is a Weenie
    Sammy Smells like Hammy
    Sailor Moon is the Goon
    Sailor Mercury is...Mercury
    Sailor Venus is a *****
    Sailor Mars  the Chocolate Bar
    Sailor Jupiter has became Stupider

How to Kill Sailor Moon!

   1. Tuxedo Mask decides not to show up and save her...again...
   2. Forced to learn math, fifth grade level.
   3. Forced away from food for a two days.
   4. Darien meets AND marries a girl with intelligence.
   {stole #4-5 from another page, I say thank you, and I'm very happy
   you said this, cause its true! Muahahahaha}
   5. Takes Kenny's place on "South Park".
   6. Made to wear her hair down so that people can walk over it,making 
   her hair fall out and spill her brains...if she had any that is..left?
   7. Drink Ginzing, it'll kill her magic, because ginzing is known to 
   cure anything that is evil...or sick...(you know what i mean)..back to
   good, nice, clean....
   8. Put a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of a pool, and ask her
   to take a swim....*grins*...muahahahaha! Great sight...dead body...
   9.Send in the Bart Simpson, his ranting and raving about in her face
   about how ugly she is, will surely kill her on the spot.
   10. Leave a red rose tied to a heavy rock at the bottom of a lake, 
   prefferably, one you can see cleary into the water.Tell her that
   Tuxedo Mask's power rose is there, and she's the only one that can get
   it and give it to him....*grins*...she'll get so mad when she can't 
   untie the rose, that she'll take in a deep breath and suck in the 
   water,therefore leaving you with a dead body..not any dead body...
   Sailor Moon's!
   11. Oh Sailor Moon LOVES shiny objects! Be sure to lure her into your
   trap, where a tiger sits awaiting  his meal, with a nice shiny toy.
   After she has spotted this nice new shiny object,she will come running
   after you, if you are holding it, which i don't recommend,tie it right
   infront of the opening to the cage, then when she sees it, open the
   cage door and she will go in running like a mad antelope in heat,right
   into the cage, and then the show starts, the bloody, bloody show..
   12. Ask another Sailor Moon hater to help you grab her right  
   "meat ball strand of hair", otherwise known as pigtails, and you grab
   the left, now pull...
   13. Just tell her Darien's trapped in that big, empty, almost 100ft
   down well, to make her believe it more easily, pay Darrien $20, to
   tape record his own voice going, "Sailor Moon, HELP!"....
   14. Give her a moon charm big enough to hide a bom.
   15. Tell her Tuxedo Mask will live, if she, ain't it grand?