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From the kewlest of kewl, to the weirdest of bitches and bastards, here comes the Spice Mail. Where mail from Spice fans, fanatics and morons write in, along with Spice haters and Anti Spices.

                            [  Obessed Spice. ]
   Hi whoever you are.
           Your website is ok. But you should check your spellings.  
   I noticed that in the Spice Girls gallery, on the top said "#1...once" 
   Spice Girls is #1 more than once and they will always be number one 
   WHATEVER YOU OR ANYBODY LIKE IT OR NOT!!  Sure, the Spice Girls are 
   trashy but at least they are not boring. 
           Can you answer one question for me, Why do people always bad 
   mouthed the Spice Girls.  It is because maybe they like them but do 
   not want to admit it or It is because the Spice Girls are annoying,
   normal... kind of like us.  The one thing I like about the Spice Girls
    is THEY'RE NOT PERFECT!Look at Geri, She is not excatly thin or tall, 
   like supermodels. I find Geri really sexy then those stupid models, 
    all because she is what people in reality look like.  Hey, why can a 
   big-boned, plump... be sexy.  There is more to The Spice Girls then 
   their looks. Too many for me to write down.
Well Obessed Spice, we here at Spoilt Candy call you Pathetic, Obessed FANATIC!...because you of all children should speak. First of all, yes i know that we here all have bad spellings and confess that we do not want to, read that? DO NOT WANT TO...check our spellings for children like yourself.. who wouldn't know the deference between fanatics and pyscho's. Now about the spelling thing.. sure we dont care about it.. but how about yourself? You see, you might have written everything here, with a dictionary in hand..most likely anyway. Your grammer by the way... SUCKS..here is a good example. "Spice Girls is #1 more than once" Now that doesn't make sense,neither does this.. "annoying,normal... kind of like us." If you had put it correctly, in grammer sense.. like lets say... "annoying and normal like the rest of us" it would have been more the better... and easier to understand.. or if you know this "big"word...comprehend. There are tons of mistakes in this short, tiny incomprehendable letter... but i will not pursue that matter anymore.. because to me it seems pretty dern childish... you mother FUCKER! But that's besides the point. When have we ever? ever?ever? Said that we didn't like the Spice Girls?That they were stupid, bimbo bitches that needed not only hair cuts, new clothes but true vocal lessons? we haven't, that's the point. Not have we ever said that we'd rather have thin, anerexic girlfriends around. That's your paraniod mind talking and your sad "FAT" ass whinning. So shut up and get a real, "REAL", real reality check. You certainly need one. Perhaps the problem with people and confessing these days is because number 1, they want to be in this certain group called...a "Clique". And in this "Clique" you have to have this certain code of rules and behaviour. Sure they might not have it written down for you to read it, if ever in case you do happen to join. ITs all in their subconcious minds. If they hate the Spice Girls, and they are the most popular "Clique",you wouldn't be expected to stand up for your rights. Mainly because you don't want to get kicked out so soon .... for you just arrived.. so you play it cool and get with their "program".Now you may think, "No, i would definately stand up for my rights"And if you said that... i'd personally have to say to you... "Now where the Fuck did you grow up? Heaven? I don't think so because you're more of the devil then Manson is, for ever, ever,ever thinking the way you just did." And that's why the "myjority"<- see?bad spelling? I don't care. Doesn't give a care to what they think anymore..but that's a whole defferent theory. Oh and by the way, Geri is thin, she does not eat nor is she fat. And that to me is closer to any anerexic in town. And trust me young kiddy, men now adays do not like, may i repeat myself? DO NOT LIKE TOO SKINNY A WOMEN!!!! But you will never know that because you are way too underage for that discussion yet. So...grow up and have fun.. out doors ... hopefully.. fat slag..
Written by Victoria