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Spice Gal Power!!

It's more like Spice your life with energy honestly. There has been no real proof that the Spice girls write their own music, or if they know what music is.....anyone can sing...not anyone has that much energy. That's what's neat about em'. What it so kewl about their albums is that not necessarily one, but all of them, sing at the same time, which, with some funny technology, seems as if they're singing as one, not one group. So what if they don't know how to read music? Or write it, or make it? At least they have sound and a lot of energy. It doesn't matter if they're stupid, or bitchy, or idiotic, or ironic, or moronic, or sad, or too trashy....at least they have tons on fun on stage, and give the fans what they want....a fun time. So what if they look like overdressed barbie dolls? Or tend to rant and whine like valley girls or bimbos? Who cares? As long as they have fun, we have fun, and they show lots of skin...the majority is happy...

Spice Girls

Baby Spice
Posh Spice
Sporty Spice
Scary Spice
Ginger Spice