Weird Things In Life We CAN"T Live WithOut!

   Okay, this is where all the weird things everyone sends me,appears.
From Letters to e-mail, from instant messages to guest books, this is
the place where all the freaky, doesn't make sense,  and most of all
plain WEIRD, comes in order. So.. enjoy and read on...unless you're
offended by rude, harsh,swearing words that include, "you stupid,ass"
"you big fat mother fuck*r", "eat this you bit*ch" and many more...

  What's written in italics, are my comments for what each 
person/thing wrote.. screamed.. hollered..

 What's written in Bold is my comment for the whole thing..


       From: Angula 
       Date: Thu Feb 12 21:30:18 1998


       Your page is Da

Not that this is freaky.. but.. its kinda weird when all someone
says to you is... "Your page is Da Bomb".. think of it.. i mean.. what
would you do.. if someone came up to you, after you've come out of
your car, and said, shouting.." Your car is Da Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"? You'd freak but put on a flattered 
smile..that's what ya do..ya know?


This is interesting.. spot out the deference and similarity with
these two people....yep... you do just ..freak...

       From: Sprout
       Host/Computer: <- a clue..
       Date: Tue Feb 17 14:27:13 1998 <- another clue...

       Hi Do you know my Master? The Green Giant. He doesn't
       like you or the Spice Girls Beware!!! BEWARE!!!!!
       BEWARE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Ehmm.....???.. anyway.. i eat my greens.. unlike u, that's why you
seem to be over the.. hyper, pyschotic side perhaps?

       From: The Pilsbarry Dough Boy
       Host/Computer: <- see that?
       Date: Tue Feb 17 14:31:20 1998 <- notice anything?

       Have you ever baked one of my soft crecent rolls. They
       come out nice and plump. Way better then any of those
       generic brands!!!!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED THEM YOU MUST
       DIE!!! TRY THEM
       NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RUN OVER TO
       YOUR NEAREST SMITH'S NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Smith's? uh...ok. Well now let's see.. if your kind isn't gerenic,
could it possibly be.. poisoned? with your brain cells?

Ok, if you haven't been able to figure it out yet, both Pils boy 
and sprouty boy are the same freaky individual..yes.. people like this
actually live in the world today... scary ain't it? Well, not bad
really, but really freaky. You see.. he loves his greens.. and yet,
he's a traitor.. to his.. lets say.. "Master".. because he's involed
with that dough man character.. he's probably gay anyway....

[David Hynes] as in Haynes her wear I don't get you and your letter that you flaunt around. This person writes a letter to you about how dumb and wrong your comments are and you start to answer back correctly...but then you start with all this shit about cliques and growing up in heaven. And whoever wrote that article about the Spice girls-let me tell you something; the Spice Girls did not grow up in England and none of them were born there either. They are from Austraia. Neither did they know Princess Di, personally. Anyway,back to the letter. You may think that you don't say anything deragatory about the Spice Girls, but you surely do imply things (Geri being a slut included). I'm going to end this letter before I blow my top. Tsk tsk tsk, and who's letter are we talking about now? PLease be specific. And no i never implied that Geri was a slut, only a cheeky, very cheeky person. Now if you had enough common sense, you'd realize that you had complemented me ...simple if you can't see but remember this frase you so galently put? "This person writes a letter to you about how dumb and wrong your comments are and you start to answer back correctly." why thank you kindly David. That sentence was a real nice complement. And anyway did i so state that Princess Diana knew the spice girls?Or that the Spice Girls new Princess Dianna personally? No i did not. You should go check your eyes darling. And you know what?They freakin arn't from "Austraia"either. So you sour puss, go home and suck up to your mummy as usual, mama's boy. By the way, i never wrote an article about growing up in Heaven either. So to David run..for your life is surely a box of nails.