Ben Stein VS. Sailor Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.
Ben Stein: Welcome my ditsy contest, are you smart to win ben steins money.
Jimmy: Alright are 5 categories are: Japanese retards at age fourteen.
Jupiter: I'll take that one!
Jimmy: I haven't given the other categories .
Jupiter: I'll take that one anyway.
Jimmy: Ok. What female on a Japanese television show is a total retard.
Moon rings in
Moon: Uh...............Steve Urkel.
Jimmy: No I'm sorry.
Mars: Sailor Moon?
Jimmy: That is correct.
Moon throw her tiara at Jimmy. Jimmy catches it.
Jimmy: What kind of funky frisbee is this.
Tuxedo mask (from audience) throws a rose at Jimmy. Jimmy steps on it and moves on.
Jimmy: Time for a tie breaker for moon and Jupiter. What is 1 + 1
20 minutes later: Jimmy: well I guess Mars wins!!
Ben Stein: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Bonus round:
Jimmy: What is the fourth planet from the sun.
60 seconds pass.
Jimmy asks all the question to Ben, and (real expectantly) wins.
Ben: I still have 4950 dollars of my money, which I will use to take on my next opponent. So if smart enough, unlike them, and have a brain, YOU CAN WIN BEN STEINS MONEY!!