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Commercial-free Radio

Every day in the office where I work, the same alternative/rock radio station is played over the speaker system.  I can live with it.  But I've noticed that sometimes, radio stations (especially this particular one) will advertise the fact that they play a bunch of songs in a row without commercial interruptions.  That sounds pretty good, right?  Sure.  But then the contradictory pricks have the nerve to say something like, "you're listening to Edge Live Virgin Radio, we're in the middle of another eight songs in a row without any commercial interruptions brought to you by WPLJ 102.1..."

That's right...smack dab in the middle of those supposedly uninterruptible songs, they start yakkin' away without any sense of irony.  Face facts, people: an interruption is an interruption.  I don't care if it's promoting Coca Cola, hemorrhoid cream, or the name and broadcasting frequency of the idiotic radio station.  These guys stick their little comments in-between almost every song, taking up enough time to equal several "legitimate" commercials, and love to enhance their voices with all kinds of crazy sound effects as they smugly say something like, "if you're waiting for a commercial break, it's gonna be a while..."  

Yeah, dumbasses, that's exactly what I'm doing.  Sitting around, holding my dick, listening in rapt attention to the radio until a commercial break finally gives me leave to go to the bathroom.  Do they think we're still in the 1940's?  Radios are portable, content is repetitive and abundant, and I can download any song I damn well please at my leisure.  Stop talking as if you're doing your listeners such an enormous favour.  At best, you're making it somewhat (just somewhat) less likely that they'll change the station.  

As for me, I'm not going to stop listening to the radio; I don't have a choice.  Even if I had any control over the station, I'd probably still listen to the same one because it's the only English-language station that broadcasts in my area.  But I don't appreciate the lying.  Ain't no such thing as "commercial-free".


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