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The Prince of Egypt

The story was totally ridiculous.  I mean, there's this guy, Moses-something-or-other, who has some hallucination of a bush on fire, and then manages to convince everyone around him that it really happened.  C'mon, try that shit today and you'll end up right where you belong: sitting in a white room and pumped full of thorazine.  It wouldn't have bothered me so much if the dude had shown the least bit of skepticism when a little desert shrub started talking to him.  But no, the gullible son-of-a-bitch buys right into it after the plant says something like, "yo, I'm God, do what I say ya moron!"  I mean, at least check the cave for speakers and microphones or something, because talking plants just ain't that common.

Then after a while, that guy, Moses, starts pestering the Pharaoh incessantly with the line, "let my people go."  At first the Pharoah just says, "piss off, dude", but that Moses got really annoying after a while and just kept saying it.  The director should be trying to get us to root for Moses, not make us hope that he would shut-the-hell-up.

Also, it really chaps my ass when I see characters spontaneously break out into song for no reason.  Sure, it's an animated cartoon, but lets include a little taste of reality here and there so that kids can learn something about how the world actually works.  There's a song called "You're Playing With the Big Boys Now", which is, hands-down, the worst assault ever inflicted upon my tender ears.  I only remember the title because they chant it about 53 times in a row.

Don't see The Prince of Egypt.


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